Top Jacket Trends Under $30
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5 Must-Have Jackets For Fall (all for under $30!)

JEAN JACKET This is the classic of all classics, whether you’re a lady or a gent, a teen or an adult. When it comes to the details—length, wash, button color, distressed or not—it’s really a matter of personal preference. Try a few on for…

September 23, 2016
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Harvest Decor: Traditional or Contemporary?

When it comes to decorating your house for fall, there’s a lot more out there than just jack-o-lanterns and corn husks. Whether your style skews more traditional or contemporary, we’ve got plenty of harvest-inspired accessories to dress up all different parts of your home.…

September 16, 2016
Top Trends: Off-The-Shoulder
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Fall Transition: What to Wear Now & Later

Dressing this time of year can be ricky: You’re anxious and ready to wear your new fall threads, but the weather still feels summery. Luckily, you can easily transition your summer wardrobe into fall with the help of a few key accessories and a…

September 9, 2016
Game Day Style
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Game Day Style

The end of summer always feels bittersweet, but if there’s one thing that gets us psyched for fall, it’s the start of football season! Whether you’re headed to a game at the local high school or hosting a big game-watch at home, you’ll want…

September 1, 2016
choker image
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Chokers Are Back! 5 Ways to wear ’em

When it comes to fashion trends, we all know that what goes around comes around, and there’s no trend more ’90s than the choker. This throat-hugging accessory has been spotted on celebs and models everywhere lately! If you want to wear one without looking…

August 18, 2016
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Get Kids Dressed For Back To School

Pop quiz! Which of the following do you need most for back-to-school season? A) Fresh spiral notebook 2. Newly sharpened pencils 3. Fabulous new outfit. Answer: All of the above, of course! It seems like just yesterday we were counting down the days until…

July 29, 2016
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Dorm Life Checklist

You’ve taken your SATs, selected your dream school and taken the full campus tour. You’ve exchanged crucial texts with your future roomie to sort out all the particulars (You’re bringing the minifridge; she’s got the Keurig and TV). Now all that’s left is to…

July 29, 2016
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Top Shopped: 7/22/16

Summer is in full swing and shopping away a hot & humid day sounds pretty fantastic! What’s trending now? Pretty outdoor lanterns to spruce up your outdoor space. Dreamy white dresses and flattering swimsuits. Plus, fun games to keep the kiddos occupied on vacation…

July 22, 2016
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Curbing Summer Boredom For Kids

Summer vacation is having it’s last gasp, and you’re starting to hear those dreaded words from your kiddos: “I’m boooored.” Before you threaten to put them to work scrubbing toilets, inspire their summer play with this bag of tricks. BUILD A FORT Stuck inside on a…

July 18, 2016