Winter blues are real, but they can get pretty intense if you work from home. I’ve been making a conscious effort to practice self-care & to embrace hygge in my home office. I’m hoping to have a full home office reveal further down the road; I’m still in the very early stages of getting things set up.

So let’s start with the elephant in the room; what’s hygge? Hygge is defined as a quality of coziness and comfortable living that brings about a feeling of contentment or well being. The concept of hygge comes from Danish culture.


Use Productivity and Planning Apps

There’s an app for that. No literally, whatever you find yourself wanting to work on? There’s an app for that.  Overall, productivity and planning apps really help me to keep stress levels low and get more done during the workday. Check out some of my favorites:

Best productivity and planning apps for a hygge lifestyle

  • Focus Keeper: The timer runs for 25 minutes and then alerts you to take a five minute break. After two hours have passed, the app will ask you to take a longer break. Staying locked in on something for too long kills my productivity; I’ve found this method works well for me and I love that the break reminders are frequent so that I can get up and walk around.
  • Snug: I use Snug to help me plan out my Instagram feed. This can be important to maintain balance and keep things aesthetically pleasing even if you edit all your photos the same way.
  • Dropbox: I use it to have access to photos while I’m away from my computer. I also use the app to pull up documents, I reference a lot, like my social media schedules!

Why I Use a Planner

I’m a big advocate of using a planner regularly. While I wish I had a great memory, I’m one of those people that will forget plans I made, tasks I need to accomplish, and even promises I made if I don’t write them down. Using a planner really helps me to keep my life together and not forget events that are important to my personal and professional life.

I picked up this full notebook size agenda from Gordmans for just $13. I love that the pages are lined and I was able to pick up a ton of organization and productivity tools to help me stay on track with tackling my goals for the year. I’m ALWAYS using sticky notes so I snagged a cute set that come in a variety of sizes and colors that will be great for sticking on my desk or even into my planner.

Add Comfy Decor Touches

I’m just starting the process of setting up my home office. While I usually use my work breaks as a time to walk around and get away from work; I really wanted to create a comfy corner that I could use to hang out during breaks. I picked up a cute, faux fur ottoman that’s perfect for putting up your feet, sitting on, or even using as a small table. Eventually, I know I want to add a garment rack to my office so that I have a clearly designated place for new clothes that need to be shot, planning out blog shoots, and a landing spot for packages I get in.

Hygge Mornings

Keeping that in mind, I went to Gordmans knowing I wanted to pick up some side tables. While I plan to have one on each side of the future garment rack, they are great right now for my little hygge nook. In the mornings, I like to start the day off by having a cup of tea and listening to podcasts, and this corner is perfect for just that.

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