Christmas has come and gone and now we are few days into the New Year. When it comes to the New Year, I don’t like to make resolutions, but I do usually set some personal goals. I feel like I have been on a mission to declutter these past few months, so it feels appropriate to carry that goal on into the New Year. Last year has been so go-go for me, and it’s left me feeling out of sorts with my home; which, in turn, makes me feel out of sorts in every other area of my life. Between the papers that stack up and the laundry that gets left undone, it can all get so overwhelming when you need a sanctuary to retreat to. I spent the last few days of 2017 decluttering my home, and freshening up my space, so that I can enter 2018 on the right track and I wanted to share some of my tips with you.

Part of the trick to freshen up your home involves organizing and decluttering, but it’s equally important to choose new items to add into your space, to give it a fresh look. That said, after Christmas isn’t always the best time, financially, to start taking on big projects at home. That’s why, I headed to Gordmans to find some budget-friendly options to give my home a mini-makeover.

Here are 5 tips to freshen up your home in the new year.

1. Change Accent Pillows – This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home, and breath new life into your space. Accent pillows can get worn and dingy, and switching them out is a relatively inexpensive way to switch things up. I picked these ones up from Gordmans and they were super affordable at about $15 each.

2. Clean Out Your Closet – This is actually something I do quarterly, but the New Year is no exception. Being a blogger, I am constantly sent clothes to try on, and I can’t go more than a few months without getting rid of stuff, or my closet gets overwhlemingly full. For those that don’t need to clean out their closets as frequently, the New Year can be the perfect time to tackle the job. Take stock of your items, and really think about the things you wear. If you haven’t worn them in a year, it’s likely you can part with them. There are plenty of organizations that support men and women in need, within your local community, and they will get great use of your barely worn items. If you’re in Colorado Springs, one of my personal faves is The Hanger. It’s an organization that supports foster teens, and is set up like a boutique so they can shop for free, with dignity.

3. Restyle Your Coffee Table – Our coffee table can often be a free-for-all for our miscellaneous items, making it feel messy and chaotic. In my attempt to declutter in the New Year, I wanted to make our coffee table a beautiful space we could enjoy, so I picked up a few items from Gordmans to style it. You might wonder why adding more items to the table, would help it feel less cluttered, but actually having it styled, helps keep you motivated to keep it tidy. Some tips to follow when styling your coffee table. Get a tray to contain your items – this helps create a center point, versus stringing items all over the place. Select interesting items with unique shapes and textures. Add something with height, and something alive (like greenery or florals). I also like to add a subtle personal touch, like a love letter. Finally, a stack of table books or magazines adds the perfectly chic finishing touch. I picked up the tray and accessories from Gordmans, and only spent about $30.

4. Change Out Candles – Adding new scents to your space, is a simple trick and super inexpensive! I always have Christmas scented candles around the holidays, so it’s nice to replace them with fresh scents, as we enter the new year and coming Spring. Gordmans has an extensive selection of candles, at great prices, so this was an easy and affordable task to accomplish.

5. Organize Paperwork – As I mentioned before, my paperwork really tends to stack up and leaves my house feeling so messy and unorganized. I picked up this organizer from Gordmans, and am already so happy with how much it’s helped me keep papers from stacking up.



Hope you enjoyed my 5 tips to freshen up your home in the New Year! If you are looking for budget friendly options and accent pieces, I highly suggest stopping by Gordmans. You’d be amazed at the selection of home goods they have, and even more amazed by the prices. I picked up everything I mentioned for less than $80!

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