Let’s be honest, finding the right makeup can be tricky. Like…traveling-carnival-funhouse-tricky where, depending on the mirror we’re looking in, our reflection could either sparkle back like Beyonce, or horrify like Bozo The Clown. In a world where almost every brand has a cosmetics line, options are nearing unlimited, and prices can be astronomical.

So where do you start?

Finding a few basics that you can always trust is key. Items that can take your features from blah to beautiful in 5 minutes or less, and that work wonderfully for any face shape or skin tone. And if they can also be priced reasonably, (we’re talking good enough to buy one for home, one for your gym bag and one for work without breaking the budget!), then you’re in even better shape.

Enter, elf Brand Cosmetics. Known for quality products at incredible prices, this brand carries an extensive array of makeup, brushes and accessories for under $6 each! We’ve picked out 5 of our favorites below that are perfect for everyday rotation, and help make your makeup routine what it should be: flattering and fun!

Mineral Infused Face Primer $6

elf-primerAfter cleansing and moisturizing your skin, using a face primer before applying your makeup is a great way to get smooth, long-lasting effects. (Think, what hairspray does to hold your perfectly messy bun in place, face primer does to keep your skin looking polished and perfect from 9am-5pm and beyond). The elf Mineral Infused Face Primer is a clear gel that glides onto your face for a really silky finish. Your face won’t feel wet or sticky at all, just soft, clean and the perfectly prepped canvas for whatever foundation you apply next. We used it underneath a cream foundation, and the primer helped a small amount go a long way—much better than trying to apply right after putting on lotion since the skin stayed smooth.

Golden Bronzer $3elf-bronzer

Whether you’re aiming for an allover sun-kissed look, or just trying to add some dimension to your face, this bronzer is a great option for everyday use. The 4-tone palette blends together for a shimmery, golden hue that isn’t too sparkly and definitely not going to look like you over-sprayed in a tanning booth. We loved how nice it looked on both fair skin and olive-toned complexions. Bonus trick? We used the individual colors as eyeshadow for a warm, glowing look!

Small Angled Brush $3

Angled BrushYou don’t have to be a makeup artist to appreciate the mini-wonder that is the Small Angled Brush. Its narrow size is perfect for sweeping shadow along the edge of your lashes to add a little pop of color, finishing off a smoky eye, or adding highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes. The width of the tip is wide enough for easy application, yet thin enough to really be intentional with your look. Try dipping the bristles in a little bit of water and then tapping on your favorite eyeshadow. Voila! Instant, new eyeliner.

Lip Stain $2lip-stain

Don’t be fooled by the marker-like look and feel of the Lip Stain. This ingenious product stays on forever without smudging or fading or feeling cakey and gross. The fine tip lets you outline your lips, (don’t worry, not in a weird 90’s Melrose Place way), and then fill in with the wider side. At first it feels kind of wet, but after a minute or so the dampness fades away to leave your lips feeling light and soft. Sweep a bit of chapstick on top for daytime, or add a little dab of luminous gloss for an evening finish.

Makeup Mist & Set $3

elf-mistWe’re loving on this product if only for it’s cool burst of aloe, green tea and cucumber ingredients. Spritz on the Makeup Mist & Set to keep your makeup from running or fading throughout the day. Not to mention that it just feels amazing to mist it on when the temps outside are sky high, or you’ve just gotten off a moisture-sucking airplane flight, or it’s 3pm and you’re feeling like a nap under your desk isn’t the worst idea…