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4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy!

January 17, 2018

Another year has come and gone, the Christmas decorations are packed and put away, and I find myself craving the coziness of simplicity. I really want my home to set the pace for the new year, so with the help of my favorite store, Gordmans, I decided to revamp my living space and share a few of my favorite ways to make my home the coziest house on the block!

Light it Up

Nothing beats the soft, warm glow of a flickering candle. I scored this 3 piece set of LED candles for only $25 at Gordmans and they’re my new favorite decor piece! They have a timer setting that turns them on at the exact same time every night, so I don’t have to worry about wasting batteries or lighting actual wicks. They’re even lightly scented, so when they warm up a faint vanilla fragrance fills the living room–can you get any cozier?!

Mood Music

The right tunes can really set the mood for any occasion! We use the Pandora app on our TV all the time. My current favorite for a cozy atmosphere? The Michael Buble station!

Throw It Together

One of my favorite ways to shake up my home decor on a dime is mixing up my throw pillows! I am a neutral girl, through and through, but this year I find myself craving more COLOR! These golden yellow knit pillows were a steal at Gordmans and really add just the right pop to my living room! I feel so much more comfortable with a few pillows on the sofa (and a glass of wine in my hand! 😉 ) and I love that I can easily afford to update my decor without breaking the bank when I shop at off-price retailers like Gordmans.

Freshly Baked

I don’t know if there is anything cozier than filling your home with the sweet scent of freshly baked cookies! Want to feel extra comfy? Snuggle up with a darling cookie jar and make a date with that growing Netflix queue. This enamel, Rae Dunn-esque piece was another Gordmans find and under $5! Think that can’t be beat? Actually it can! Gordmans has amazingly low prices, but they also offer a new “Lowest Price Guarantee”. To make sure they give their customers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item, Gordmans will match the competitor’s price AND give you a $5 Gordmans gift card! Even better, once they know a product has a lower price elsewhere, they “flag” those items to be marked down in their stores, so you know you’re always getting the best deal! You can read more about Gordmans Lowest Price Guarantee here!

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Starting Fresh in the New Year

January 13, 2018

Before I knew it Christmas was upon us, so to blink and have New Years suddenly be here is a bit of a mind blow for me. It always happens though, every single year. It really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. But needless to say, here I sit in 2018 and I have the same recurring urge to start this new year fresh, with good goals, and a clean-ish house, and an overall feeling of contentment. One thing that I always want to do in the New Year is purge the junk, get rid of the knick-knacks I don’t need, replace the worn out useless things, and replace the things that have been broken or need updating. But I always put it off.

That last little bit is the one that always gets me. I have lists upon lists of things that need updating, items that have been broken that I keep waiting to replace, or just plain old ugly things that have somehow lasted from my college days. As much as these all bother me, I just never seem to fix it. But this year I decided to ring in 2018 in right, by purging my house, and updating the old, worn out, broken, ugly things. Sounds easy enough right? But when you’ve just spent all that money on Christmas, the idea of going to an expensive department store just killed me, so I turned to my new favorite place to shop, Gordmans. Where I don’t have to spend big bucks to get designer items! Gordmans always brings in high quality brands and products and seriously a fraction of the cost that you would spend anywhere else. They are an off-price retailer, off-price retailers buy excess inventory from department and specialty stores, then sell it at a greatly reduced price! Heck yes in my opinion!

But back to my goal, replacing and updating. As you all know if you’ve followed me for a while, we moved into this house 2 years ago, and the living room was one room I was excited about. When we got here I found the prettiest things for the coffee table, a nice wooden tray, gorgeous vases, and a terrarium for some boxwood balls. But things went sour, the tray scratched the table, the terrarium was shattered by a two-year-old who shall not be named, and my love for the the mercury glass vases just faded. So for the last few months, we’ve had a not so nicely decorated coffee table that was in desperate need of a facelift.

I went to Gordmans with no idea what I was looking for, but I knew I needed to update the coffee table. I wanted something old-looking, yet chic, and fun. Something that would give my living room some life again. Well I couldn’t be more excited about what I found! First I found this round galvanized tray with a gold handle, give me all the trays please! I absolutely love them as accents on tables.  I’ve also always been one to LOVE books on tables, coffee table books for me please! But my adorable samoyed, Igloo is also a huge fan of books, of eating them that is. So books on tables aren’t really an option for me. But with this new tray that has some depth I can easily add books which he won’t be able to get to! Next I found this gorgeous gold galvanized lantern with incredible detailing on it, the gold matched the handle of the tray perfectly and I loved the direction it was all going. Next I found this iron sphere as an accent on top of the books I planned on placing in the tray, and to top it all off I found a wonderful stem vase held in an iron holder. All in all I couldn’t be happier with all of my finds and the new look my living room has.


Now onto my next “update” our end table lamps in our master bedroom. This has been on my to-do list for about 5 years now. When my husband and I started living together we were in an apartment with dark cherry wood everything… my tastes have changed since then. But to go with our dark furniture we acquired cheap end table lamps in a dark color. Onto our next home and my tastes were changing but would I buy a new set of lamps? No, so what did I do? I spray painted them. Great intent, but did I do a good job? No I am pretty sure I did the job in like 5 minutes and you could totally tell because it was not even coating and there were bubbles… everywhere.

So, out they go and in come my new finds! Gorgeous aqua glass lamps, perfect for the overall feel of our room. But I didn’t just want to throw a new lamp on the end table and call it good. I really wanted to add something personal, something with some depth to it. And it just so happened that for Christmas my husband got me these gorgeous hand calligraphed prints of our wedding vows in need of a gorgeous frame. In which Gordmans did not disappoint. Literally more frames than you can even imagine! I found two gorgeous weathered wood frames that matched our bedroom set, but weren’t too matchy-matchy, if you catch my drift. With those two simple updates to our end tables we have a new space in our room that I honestly cannot get over. There is nothing quite like falling in love with a little corner of your home.

So did I update everything in my home? No, but did I update some spaces that were in desperate need and save some money while doing it? Yes. I spent a total of $100 to update the coffee table, and our end tables. Can you even imagine how much I would have spent at a department store? Gordmans not only has amazing prices, but they also have something called their “Lowest Price Guarantee.” To make sure that they can give shoppers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item you found at Gordmans, Gordmans will match the competitors’ price and they will give you a $5 Gordmans gift card! As if I hadn’t already given you enough reasons to love them!

So now I will ring in 2018 with some beautiful new spaces in my home, the satisfaction of crossing some things on my list, and the comfort, for both me and my husband, of knowing I didn’t break the bank to do it! Now to decide what to update next! Oh, and to work on the rest of my list too… I guess.

What are some things in your home that are in desperate need of an update?

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My Shopping Trip to Gordmans with Miss Mary Powers

January 11, 2018

I have no idea what you’d call my style. I feel like it changes by the minute. There are so many different directions I could go with my house, but I do seem to gravitate towards a vintage chic?? style. If that’s a thing. Brass is a huge factor. Give me all the brass. I know eventually it will go back out of style, but for now, my heart of gold is happy 😉 You can see my home decor Pinterest board here, to give you a better understanding of my decor style.

What I Got:

I went in and immediately came across these lamps. They are a speckled gold and are not that tall, so I wasn’t sure how they’d work in my space. I also don’t have the furniture for the space yet, so that adds another challenging element! They were on sale for $19.99 each, so I really couldn’t pass that up, whether they were too short or not. I would find somewhere in my house that will work. Our house is about 25 years old and when they were building it, the builder didn’t think the rooms needed ceiling lights… Which is so bizarre! So we have to use like 30 lamps to light up a room lol. I am a big lighting person. It’s almost the number one important feature for when when thinking about designing a space. It sets the mood of the room and plays such a big part. I spend a lot of time looking for the right fixtures to make the perfect accent. In our last house that we built in Texas, we had wall sconces all over the house and that is something we want to eventually do in this house, as well.

Next I was looking for vases. I buy fresh flowers at least once a week and am always needing a vase. I only have glass vases, so I’ve been on the hunt for brass and colored vases. I came across 2 vases that I loved, so those went in the cart! Their selection of vases was great. Definitely check them out if you need inexpensive ones. They were $4.99 and $6.99!

Lastly was wall art/decor. I have a lot of empty wall space and have been very picky about what I fill it with. Normally I don’t think twice about what I put up, or how, and by the end it looks like someone was hacking at our walls with all the random nails holes.. oops. My hubby lovessss that about me. I had my eye on this piece at Target and almost went to buy it several times, but for whatever reason didn’t. It was $40 at Target, which I didn’t think was too bad. Well, I found it at Gordmans for $16!! The same exact thing! That made my day. I also found that hanging tapestry and loved the look of them together. That cute little cactus guy made his way in the cart, too. I’m always looking for reminders of Texas.

A little bit about Gordmans pricing policy: It’s called the Lowest Price Guarantee. Basically, the Lowest Price Guarantee means that if you find an item at Gordmans that you’ve seen elsewhere for a lower price, Gordmans will match the competitor’s price AND will give you a $5 Gordmans gift card. So, if you’re matching an item that’s $10 or less, you basically would get the item for at least 50% off – or possibly close to free! You can read more about it here. In my case, they were already offering it for way lower, so I got a great deal.

How I Styled It:

I am going to play around with it more and possibly put both lamps on the table, like below, or I may use the lamps on an entryway table, when I find the perfect one. Which setup do you like more? We are in the process of painting our formal living room navy, so I might put wall decor in there when it’s done. For now, this is where they are.

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5 Useful Tips to Freshen Up Your Home in the New Year

January 8, 2018

Christmas has come and gone and now we are few days into the New Year. When it comes to the New Year, I don’t like to make resolutions, but I do usually set some personal goals. I feel like I have been on a mission to declutter these past few months, so it feels appropriate to carry that goal on into the New Year. Last year has been so go-go for me, and it’s left me feeling out of sorts with my home; which, in turn, makes me feel out of sorts in every other area of my life. Between the papers that stack up and the laundry that gets left undone, it can all get so overwhelming when you need a sanctuary to retreat to. I spent the last few days of 2017 decluttering my home, and freshening up my space, so that I can enter 2018 on the right track and I wanted to share some of my tips with you.

Part of the trick to freshen up your home involves organizing and decluttering, but it’s equally important to choose new items to add into your space, to give it a fresh look. That said, after Christmas isn’t always the best time, financially, to start taking on big projects at home. That’s why, I headed to Gordmans to find some budget-friendly options to give my home a mini-makeover.

Here are 5 tips to freshen up your home in the new year.

1. Change Accent Pillows – This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home, and breath new life into your space. Accent pillows can get worn and dingy, and switching them out is a relatively inexpensive way to switch things up. I picked these ones up from Gordmans and they were super affordable at about $15 each.

2. Clean Out Your Closet – This is actually something I do quarterly, but the New Year is no exception. Being a blogger, I am constantly sent clothes to try on, and I can’t go more than a few months without getting rid of stuff, or my closet gets overwhlemingly full. For those that don’t need to clean out their closets as frequently, the New Year can be the perfect time to tackle the job. Take stock of your items, and really think about the things you wear. If you haven’t worn them in a year, it’s likely you can part with them. There are plenty of organizations that support men and women in need, within your local community, and they will get great use of your barely worn items. If you’re in Colorado Springs, one of my personal faves is The Hanger. It’s an organization that supports foster teens, and is set up like a boutique so they can shop for free, with dignity.

3. Restyle Your Coffee Table – Our coffee table can often be a free-for-all for our miscellaneous items, making it feel messy and chaotic. In my attempt to declutter in the New Year, I wanted to make our coffee table a beautiful space we could enjoy, so I picked up a few items from Gordmans to style it. You might wonder why adding more items to the table, would help it feel less cluttered, but actually having it styled, helps keep you motivated to keep it tidy. Some tips to follow when styling your coffee table. Get a tray to contain your items – this helps create a center point, versus stringing items all over the place. Select interesting items with unique shapes and textures. Add something with height, and something alive (like greenery or florals). I also like to add a subtle personal touch, like a love letter. Finally, a stack of table books or magazines adds the perfectly chic finishing touch. I picked up the tray and accessories from Gordmans, and only spent about $30.

4. Change Out Candles – Adding new scents to your space, is a simple trick and super inexpensive! I always have Christmas scented candles around the holidays, so it’s nice to replace them with fresh scents, as we enter the new year and coming Spring. Gordmans has an extensive selection of candles, at great prices, so this was an easy and affordable task to accomplish.

5. Organize Paperwork – As I mentioned before, my paperwork really tends to stack up and leaves my house feeling so messy and unorganized. I picked up this organizer from Gordmans, and am already so happy with how much it’s helped me keep papers from stacking up.



Hope you enjoyed my 5 tips to freshen up your home in the New Year! If you are looking for budget friendly options and accent pieces, I highly suggest stopping by Gordmans. You’d be amazed at the selection of home goods they have, and even more amazed by the prices. I picked up everything I mentioned for less than $80!

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Holiday Gift Guide with Noted Natalie

December 16, 2017


Hi guys! Happy Saturday! Above I am sharing a Home Inspired Gift Guide with Gordmans for the Holidays! Gordmans has always been one of my favorite stores to buy affordable home decor. The Faux fur throw pillows and throw blanket (featured above) add a cozy vibe to our living room. I love the sound that Woodwick candles make and Gordmans has a variety to choose from! I thought the red, white and green candle was a perfect touch for the Holidays! Gordmans has the BEST Christmas decor out right now, I literally wanted it all! I ended up getting a couple fun Holiday Inspired Throw pillows and a fun plaque! If you have a Gordmans in your area, I recommend checking them out, I always leave the store with something and there competitive prices don’t leave a hole in my wallet!

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Christmas in the Dining Room

December 14, 2017

Christmas in the dining room… does it get much better? I’m not sure. As far as decorating goes, this room is always fun to tackle… but it’s also a little bit of a challenge. The wall to wall shelves make such a huge impact in the room, but they can also turn into a cluttered space really quick depending on how much I choose to display. There’s definitely a happy medium there, and I’m happy to partner with Gordmans to bring you a fun new display!

This year I shifted the entire Christmas decorating scheme in the house and went with a lot more whites, blacks and dark greens. It all feels so clean and cozy, especially in the dining room! You saw a little peek of it yesterday in my table setting post, but here’s the full tour of the shelves!

To really switch things up this year, and make things feel more winter-y, I wanted to add some new art work. I’ll share more about that next week, but it was kind of the jumping off point for creating a new display on the shelves…

To really switch things up this year, and make things feel more winter-y, I wanted to add some new art work. I’ll share more about that next week, but it was kind of the jumping off point for creating a new display on the shelves…

Add in plenty of candles and dishware, and the shelves have a completely different look, all while being one of the main focal points in the entire house!

These flame-less candles (the lanterns have flame-less candles too!), also from Gordmans, really transform the room at night… everything looks so warm and cozy…

I can honestly say, this is probably my favorite Christmas look the dining room has ever had…

Gordmans makes it so easy to find awesome new decor pieces. They have such a great selection and their low prices really can’t be beat! They also have their “Lowest Price Guarantee”, which makes sure shoppers get the lowest possible! If you find a lower price somewhere else on any item found at Gordmans, Gordmans will match the competitors’ price and give you a $5 Gordmans gift card!


From decorating accessories, lighting options, pillows and furniture items, Gordmans never leaves me disappointed! There’s fun finds at every turn of the store, and I also love their clothing selection! If you haven’t visited them, I highly recommend it! Your cart may just fill up as quickly as mine does!

More Christmas decorating to come!

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Holiday Decor with Midwest in Style

December 12, 2017

I absolutely love decorating our home for holidays but Christmas is by far my favorite. There’s just something about putting up lights, stockings and the tree that makes our home feel that much more cozy and inviting.

This year I’ve partnered with Gordmans to transform our front step for the holiday season. If you’ve been following along with our home updates, you know that we spent a significant part of our summer transforming the exterior of our home. Now that we have put our personal touch on the outside of this house, it has made decorating the exterior so much more fun!

I set out to Gordmans with a $100 budget and had no problem finding plenty of  items to take home with me! I didn’t have to spend time hunting for bargains on holiday decor. There were countless deals that helped me find just what I needed to take our exterior entrance from standard to stunning.

I had these two prelit trees and lanterns from previous years but I wanted to play up our new color palette with some ornaments and a few other accent pieces to really complete the space.

The white bells are truly timeless and the shiplap-like star ornaments brought a farmhouse vibe to the trees that I adore.

The cute little wooden box is perfect for any doorstep and was great to hold one of my lanterns. I also found the sprigs of cotton to add a softer touch to the evergreen trees on either side.

Another selling point for me with all of these great finds is that they are all able to withstand the winter elements so they will still be in great shape for years to come.

Something I learned in working with Gordmans was that with their “Lowest Price Guarantee” feature, you’re literally guaranteed to get the lowest price available. To make sure that they can give shoppers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item you found at Gordmans, they will match the competitors’ price and they will give you a $5 gift card to use in their store.

All you have to do is show the competitor’s current ad, website or a receipt featuring an identical item, and Gordmans will match the price, plus they’ll give you that $5 gift card! It makes shopping for deals that much easier as you know you’re always going to get the best pricing for the things you love.

As for our holiday decor, I just love how it all turned out! I know I will use all of these pieces year after year to dress up our front step. I couldn’t ask for a better first impression as we welcome our guests this holiday season.

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Holiday Gift Baskets with Good Life for Less

December 4, 2017

Earlier this month I worked with Gordman’s to pull together an easy and affordable (under $100!) holiday mantle for my home – you can see that full post here! And today I am partnering with them to get some people checked off my holiday shopping list with fun and affordable gift baskets!  If you’ve never checked out a Gordman’s near you… put it on your holiday to-do list! I recently stopped by our local Gordman’s store (it’s in Grandville for all you local ladies and it’s HUGE!) and loved putting a “done” check mark next to a few people on my holiday shopping list for this year.   There’s no “hunting” for deals at this off-price retailer. The good deals find you… or at least they found me!

Gordman’s challenged me to pull together a few gift baskets for special people on my list this year… so I got right down to work.  I decided to pull together a few gift baskets for our sitters.  As a mom you know how life (and sanity!) saving a good sitter can be. I try to think of generous ways to spoil them since they do so much for our family all year long. They had tons of cute and affordable baskets to choose from. I loved these wire baskets (only $13!) so I snagged two and started filling them.  Read on for the details on each basket…

Basket #1
For the first basket I did a GIRLY GIRL theme. For this basket I started with a super cozy scarf (only $9.99!), and added a cute ‘love” plaque (only $3.49) and a journal ($4.99) and then finished it off with a festive ornament (only $2.99).  The entire basket was under $35 – which is a great price point for a teacher, sitter or friend.

Basket #2

For the second basket I did a COZY winter theme. I first snagged another bright red blanket (I got one for myself too, shown here!) for only $7.99 and added a cozy pom pom hat (only $9.99), a Christmas candle ($6.99) and some of my favorite candies (only $2.99) and also another pinecone ornament – I’m in love with how simple and pretty they are.  This basket totals just under $40 – so again, a super price point for maybe a teacher, the superwoman that cleans the house for you, a sitter or a friend.

How cute are these!?!? I think any recipient would love a thoughtfully pulled together gift basket from Gordman’s this season, so be sure to stop by their store to get a few people checked off your list!

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Our Home for Christmas with Katalina Girl

December 1, 2017

The holidays are by far the best time of the year and my favorite time to decorate. I love blaring holiday tunes and unboxing old holiday decor, and of course, adding new pieces each year. This year I teamed up with Gordmans to deck the halls. My theme? White Christmas! I really only wanted to incorporate white, silver, gold, and greens. Luckily Gordmans’ huge selection made it easy to create my vision. It’s one of the few places where you can go home with a lot and you don’t feel like you broke the bank—which is hard to do these days.  Gordmans’ mission is to thrill every guest with fun finds and exciting deals at every turn. There’s no need to hunt for bargains at Gordmans—treasures are always in store with exceptional style at competitive prices, every day.

Finding holiday decor deals is super important while we’re still in our temporary town home. I don’t want to invest a ton of money into holiday decor when I might not be able to use it in our new home next year. I will try and share all of my holiday decor finds below each photo, but I will link items at the very end of this post.





Rug: Gordmans

Sign: Gordmans

Pillows: Gordmans

Mini Tree: Gordmans


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Update Your Bar Game + Signature Drink

November 27, 2017

If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, you know I hosted several parties last weekend. One of the things that I haven’t really shared has been my interest and growing love of hosting events. Perhaps it’s because I finally feel like “ME” and I have my own space, but I finally feel comfortable enough to entertain. One of the more embarrassing things about hosting is when things just aren’t quite…. matchy. For lack of a better word. You can see how my bar started out looking HERE and HERE.

You know what I mean though. There’s few things that make me cringe in the inside when you don’t quite have enough of the right glassware, seating or other little things that don’t show up until your guests arrive. For me, I made do with what I could, getting clearance “barware” that was plastic and affordable. Sure, it was great to serve milk in to my five-year old nephew, but not my best friends.

However, have you seen the stupid prices of a GLASS TO DRINK SOMETHING IN? You put a stem on a glass and boom, $3 more EACH! As you can see, I have some feelings about this topic. Basically if I want to serve a dinner party or small group something to drink I would have to spend $50 just to seem like an adult. That my friends is ridiculous.

In order to update my bar area, I went to Gordman’s and decided to mix and match my new adult glassware. I knew I wanted to buy some classic items, but I wanted to have gold touches for some warmth. Then I saw these glasses and I instantly knew I wanted to go all-in. I bought stemless wine glasses, scotch glasses, pretty little cups for anything, flutes and other glasses all in one trip. My cart was ridiculously full to the point of I kind of wondered if I looked like I was a raging alcoholic. (Raging alcoholic with fine taste in glasses, mind you.)

I also have been trying to craft a signature cocktail for when I have people over. A Moscow Mule is my absolute go-to drink when I am out. I especially love it when there’s a spicy ginger beer. Even better, you can customize a Moscow Mule for any season. In the summer I always want fresh fruit muddled and in the fall, spice it up with spiced apple cider. Also, there’s about six other famous “Mules” that are totally worth try. My second favorite is a Kentucky Mule which has bourbon instead of vodka. It’s my favorite way to make it seasonal without having to worry about having everything on hand.

You can see now why I’ve been expanding my mule cup collection. Also, a really great gift idea is to buy a tin cup (and one for yourself!) and put a drink mix in to as a super easy, last-minute gift. We’re approaching holiday madness season and last-minute hostess or small gifts are always needed! I got my cups at Gordman’s and they were super affordable compared to the overpriced cups at other stores.

I can’t wait to show you photos of the party I hosted that kicked off my weekend! It’s one of my favorite personal projects I’ve done that incorporated every aspect of creativity I have and totally made me feel like an adult, with matching glasses.

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