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Christmas in the Dining Room

December 14, 2017

Christmas in the dining room… does it get much better? I’m not sure. As far as decorating goes, this room is always fun to tackle… but it’s also a little bit of a challenge. The wall to wall shelves make such a huge impact in the room, but they can also turn into a cluttered space really quick depending on how much I choose to display. There’s definitely a happy medium there, and I’m happy to partner with Gordmans to bring you a fun new display!

This year I shifted the entire Christmas decorating scheme in the house and went with a lot more whites, blacks and dark greens. It all feels so clean and cozy, especially in the dining room! You saw a little peek of it yesterday in my table setting post, but here’s the full tour of the shelves!

To really switch things up this year, and make things feel more winter-y, I wanted to add some new art work. I’ll share more about that next week, but it was kind of the jumping off point for creating a new display on the shelves…

To really switch things up this year, and make things feel more winter-y, I wanted to add some new art work. I’ll share more about that next week, but it was kind of the jumping off point for creating a new display on the shelves…

Add in plenty of candles and dishware, and the shelves have a completely different look, all while being one of the main focal points in the entire house!

These flame-less candles (the lanterns have flame-less candles too!), also from Gordmans, really transform the room at night… everything looks so warm and cozy…

I can honestly say, this is probably my favorite Christmas look the dining room has ever had…

Gordmans makes it so easy to find awesome new decor pieces. They have such a great selection and their low prices really can’t be beat! They also have their “Lowest Price Guarantee”, which makes sure shoppers get the lowest possible! If you find a lower price somewhere else on any item found at Gordmans, Gordmans will match the competitors’ price and give you a $5 Gordmans gift card!


From decorating accessories, lighting options, pillows and furniture items, Gordmans never leaves me disappointed! There’s fun finds at every turn of the store, and I also love their clothing selection! If you haven’t visited them, I highly recommend it! Your cart may just fill up as quickly as mine does!

More Christmas decorating to come!

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Holiday Decor with Midwest in Style

December 12, 2017

I absolutely love decorating our home for holidays but Christmas is by far my favorite. There’s just something about putting up lights, stockings and the tree that makes our home feel that much more cozy and inviting.

This year I’ve partnered with Gordmans to transform our front step for the holiday season. If you’ve been following along with our home updates, you know that we spent a significant part of our summer transforming the exterior of our home. Now that we have put our personal touch on the outside of this house, it has made decorating the exterior so much more fun!

I set out to Gordmans with a $100 budget and had no problem finding plenty of  items to take home with me! I didn’t have to spend time hunting for bargains on holiday decor. There were countless deals that helped me find just what I needed to take our exterior entrance from standard to stunning.

I had these two prelit trees and lanterns from previous years but I wanted to play up our new color palette with some ornaments and a few other accent pieces to really complete the space.

The white bells are truly timeless and the shiplap-like star ornaments brought a farmhouse vibe to the trees that I adore.

The cute little wooden box is perfect for any doorstep and was great to hold one of my lanterns. I also found the sprigs of cotton to add a softer touch to the evergreen trees on either side.

Another selling point for me with all of these great finds is that they are all able to withstand the winter elements so they will still be in great shape for years to come.

Something I learned in working with Gordmans was that with their “Lowest Price Guarantee” feature, you’re literally guaranteed to get the lowest price available. To make sure that they can give shoppers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item you found at Gordmans, they will match the competitors’ price and they will give you a $5 gift card to use in their store.

All you have to do is show the competitor’s current ad, website or a receipt featuring an identical item, and Gordmans will match the price, plus they’ll give you that $5 gift card! It makes shopping for deals that much easier as you know you’re always going to get the best pricing for the things you love.

As for our holiday decor, I just love how it all turned out! I know I will use all of these pieces year after year to dress up our front step. I couldn’t ask for a better first impression as we welcome our guests this holiday season.

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Holiday Gift Baskets with Good Life for Less

December 4, 2017

Earlier this month I worked with Gordman’s to pull together an easy and affordable (under $100!) holiday mantle for my home – you can see that full post here! And today I am partnering with them to get some people checked off my holiday shopping list with fun and affordable gift baskets!  If you’ve never checked out a Gordman’s near you… put it on your holiday to-do list! I recently stopped by our local Gordman’s store (it’s in Grandville for all you local ladies and it’s HUGE!) and loved putting a “done” check mark next to a few people on my holiday shopping list for this year.   There’s no “hunting” for deals at this off-price retailer. The good deals find you… or at least they found me!

Gordman’s challenged me to pull together a few gift baskets for special people on my list this year… so I got right down to work.  I decided to pull together a few gift baskets for our sitters.  As a mom you know how life (and sanity!) saving a good sitter can be. I try to think of generous ways to spoil them since they do so much for our family all year long. They had tons of cute and affordable baskets to choose from. I loved these wire baskets (only $13!) so I snagged two and started filling them.  Read on for the details on each basket…

Basket #1
For the first basket I did a GIRLY GIRL theme. For this basket I started with a super cozy scarf (only $9.99!), and added a cute ‘love” plaque (only $3.49) and a journal ($4.99) and then finished it off with a festive ornament (only $2.99).  The entire basket was under $35 – which is a great price point for a teacher, sitter or friend.

Basket #2

For the second basket I did a COZY winter theme. I first snagged another bright red blanket (I got one for myself too, shown here!) for only $7.99 and added a cozy pom pom hat (only $9.99), a Christmas candle ($6.99) and some of my favorite candies (only $2.99) and also another pinecone ornament – I’m in love with how simple and pretty they are.  This basket totals just under $40 – so again, a super price point for maybe a teacher, the superwoman that cleans the house for you, a sitter or a friend.

How cute are these!?!? I think any recipient would love a thoughtfully pulled together gift basket from Gordman’s this season, so be sure to stop by their store to get a few people checked off your list!

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Our Home for Christmas with Katalina Girl

December 1, 2017

The holidays are by far the best time of the year and my favorite time to decorate. I love blaring holiday tunes and unboxing old holiday decor, and of course, adding new pieces each year. This year I teamed up with Gordmans to deck the halls. My theme? White Christmas! I really only wanted to incorporate white, silver, gold, and greens. Luckily Gordmans’ huge selection made it easy to create my vision. It’s one of the few places where you can go home with a lot and you don’t feel like you broke the bank—which is hard to do these days.  Gordmans’ mission is to thrill every guest with fun finds and exciting deals at every turn. There’s no need to hunt for bargains at Gordmans—treasures are always in store with exceptional style at competitive prices, every day.

Finding holiday decor deals is super important while we’re still in our temporary town home. I don’t want to invest a ton of money into holiday decor when I might not be able to use it in our new home next year. I will try and share all of my holiday decor finds below each photo, but I will link items at the very end of this post.





Rug: Gordmans

Sign: Gordmans

Pillows: Gordmans

Mini Tree: Gordmans


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Update Your Bar Game + Signature Drink

November 27, 2017

If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, you know I hosted several parties last weekend. One of the things that I haven’t really shared has been my interest and growing love of hosting events. Perhaps it’s because I finally feel like “ME” and I have my own space, but I finally feel comfortable enough to entertain. One of the more embarrassing things about hosting is when things just aren’t quite…. matchy. For lack of a better word. You can see how my bar started out looking HERE and HERE.

You know what I mean though. There’s few things that make me cringe in the inside when you don’t quite have enough of the right glassware, seating or other little things that don’t show up until your guests arrive. For me, I made do with what I could, getting clearance “barware” that was plastic and affordable. Sure, it was great to serve milk in to my five-year old nephew, but not my best friends.

However, have you seen the stupid prices of a GLASS TO DRINK SOMETHING IN? You put a stem on a glass and boom, $3 more EACH! As you can see, I have some feelings about this topic. Basically if I want to serve a dinner party or small group something to drink I would have to spend $50 just to seem like an adult. That my friends is ridiculous.

In order to update my bar area, I went to Gordman’s and decided to mix and match my new adult glassware. I knew I wanted to buy some classic items, but I wanted to have gold touches for some warmth. Then I saw these glasses and I instantly knew I wanted to go all-in. I bought stemless wine glasses, scotch glasses, pretty little cups for anything, flutes and other glasses all in one trip. My cart was ridiculously full to the point of I kind of wondered if I looked like I was a raging alcoholic. (Raging alcoholic with fine taste in glasses, mind you.)

I also have been trying to craft a signature cocktail for when I have people over. A Moscow Mule is my absolute go-to drink when I am out. I especially love it when there’s a spicy ginger beer. Even better, you can customize a Moscow Mule for any season. In the summer I always want fresh fruit muddled and in the fall, spice it up with spiced apple cider. Also, there’s about six other famous “Mules” that are totally worth try. My second favorite is a Kentucky Mule which has bourbon instead of vodka. It’s my favorite way to make it seasonal without having to worry about having everything on hand.

You can see now why I’ve been expanding my mule cup collection. Also, a really great gift idea is to buy a tin cup (and one for yourself!) and put a drink mix in to as a super easy, last-minute gift. We’re approaching holiday madness season and last-minute hostess or small gifts are always needed! I got my cups at Gordman’s and they were super affordable compared to the overpriced cups at other stores.

I can’t wait to show you photos of the party I hosted that kicked off my weekend! It’s one of my favorite personal projects I’ve done that incorporated every aspect of creativity I have and totally made me feel like an adult, with matching glasses.

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Christmas Gift Basket Idea – Farmhouse Style

November 25, 2017

I partnered up with Gordman’s to bring you a simple Christmas gift basket idea. I love neutral colors, wood tones, wicker, pottery and vintage inspired items.

So, for this basket I browsed around until I found just that!

I started with a pretty wicker basket that was around $8. Score.  I added in some paper packaging to bring the height up a little.


The jingle bell and ornament have that vintage charm.  I also added a ceramic vase in neutral tones and a wooden snowflake string art piece.

The gray and white home sign tied everything together.

I topped the basket off with some pine cones and boxwood greenery.

I think a certain someone on my list will be very happy to get this gift basket.





So while I was at Gordman’s I may or may not have spotted a few things that I wanted for myself.  Hey, a gift for them and a gift for me., right? 😉

I saw this ceramic and jute plant hanger and loved the soft gray color and the simplicity of it.

I also grabbed this little gray and white woven rug.  It will probably find a permanent home in our laundry/mud room area, but for now, I love the look of layered rugs.

I also though the color was perfect with my new plant hanger.

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Holiday Bar Cart with Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes

November 24, 2017

Today I am super excited to kick off my holiday decor posts with a festive Bar Cart with Gordmans. You guys overwhelming voted YES to more holiday decor posts and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Have you shopped at Gordmans before? You can always expect to find bigger brands at the lowest prices guaranteed! I LOVE going to Gordmans during the holidays as I always find unique, fun pieces to add to my decor.

I am hosting a couple holiday parties this year so my bar cart needed a fun holiday makeover. I ventured to Gordmans and found so many fabulous items.  When it comes to Bar Carts, the options for decorating are endless. Put your own unique spin on things and have fun with it!

During the holidays, I love adding whimsical pieces to my decor. The furry trees and beautiful mint green Santa I found at Gordmans and were the perfect pieces to add to my Bar Cart. I also love checking out the gourmet food aisle at Gordmans! I picked up two yummy flavored syrups to add to our hot chocolate this season.

Be sure to head to our local Gordmans this holiday season to find your treasures too!

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Decorating the Home for the Holidays

November 23, 2017

I am pretty excited about getting in the holiday spirit here at my house these days and today I’m partnering with Gordmans to pull together a super cute and wintry holiday mantel at my house! If you’ve never checked out a Gordmans near you… put it on your holiday to-do list! I recently stopped by our local Gordmans store (it’s in Grandville for all you local ladies and it’s HUGE!) and had a blast pulling together some holiday decor for my home. Gordmans mission is to thrill and delight every guest with  unique finds and great deals at every turn.  There’s no “hunting” for deals at this off-price retailer.  The good deals find you… or at least they found me!

As you may know our home has recently gone under a full renovation on our main floor.  Last year we had contractors in our house until the week before Christmas and we couldn’t really decorate around their work (brutal!) so this is the first year we actually get to decorate the new house! yay!  Our fireplace and mantel is the centerpiece of our family room and since we didn’t have a very big mantel at our old house I was sorely in need of some supplies to decorate it for the holidays.

So off to Gordmans I went!  First I snagged a gorgeous faux garland for under $25. They had a great selection of garlands and I love how real this one looks without the mess of needles everywhere.  The BELIEVE swag was a must have, I mean, I LOVE some glitter this time of year, and it and white mini trees were all under $13 each if you can even believe it!  I picked up a number of these pinecone ornaments for under $3 each – they are SO beautiful in person and since they aren’t glass there is no worries with kids in the house. Then finally I snagged a bright red fleece blanket that was under $8 and a wire basket that was only $12 for all our families’ Christmas books. To set up a cozy reading nook by the fire.  In the end the entire looks was a breeze to pull together and I absolutely love how it turned out.  Bonus, the grand total was under $100!  Please note I was provided with a gift card to purchase the above mentioned products. A big thank you to Gordmans!


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Décor Fashion

Fall Fashion Essentials

November 22, 2017

Hey guys! Hope your Wednesday has been amazing so far!

I’m super excited about this partnership with Gordmans because I’ve been their customer since the first day I moved to the U.S and I’ve always been a fan of their product and prices in special.

Gordmans has always been one of my go-to stores for home decor items. Every time I want to give my apartment an update, I always think of Gordmans because they always have the cutest items at the best prices. They are changing the off-price retailer game by working hard to offer you more deals and more style than ever before.

Plus, their friendly associates are there to help you choose a new outfit or help you find pieces to complete the vision you have for your home-something you don’t find at other retailers.

I totally recommend you to come in and see for yourself! I promise you guys will love what you will see!

During my visit, I found a cute outfit and some really cool pieces to give my bar cart an update. I’ve been looking for a good pair of black jeans and these ones are perfection, plus how fun are the grommet details on the side. I will for sure be wearing these non-stop this fall and winter.

Also, this cardigan was love at first sight, the material feels incredibly soft and the color was perfect for what I had in mind. I’ve been wanting to find a cardigan just like this one and at Gordmans I found so many options. To top off the look, I really wanted to find an accessory that could add that extra interest and this Express animal print belt was just what I needed.

Grey, black and animal print together sound like heaven for me and as you can see all these items look ultra chic! Make sure to visit your closest Gordmans soon to recreate this same exact look! Except for the shoes and bag which I’ve had for a while.

Search the closest location to you here!


Now let’s talk about my bar cart! How cute does it look?! I’m obsessed with marble and Gordmans had the best accessories in that material right now. I found that marble jar with gold accents and I started browsing for more accessories that would look good with it.

Since I wanted to go for a luxe California vibe, I chose more white accessories and clear glass pieces to accomplish the idea. The faux plant gave the bar cart the perfect pop of color and it just brought everything together. I’m obsessed with the results!

The outfit plus all these pretty items cost no more than $100! Yes 🙂 You read it right, and that’s why I love going to Gordmans so much.  They buy excess inventory from department stores and specialty stores to sell it at greatly prices, so, don’t miss out the exceptional deals on designer and name brand fashion an home décor they have right now just in time for the holidays!


I’m planning to add some Christmas accessories and lights for the holiday season, so I will be back in Gordmans pretty soon!

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Décor Shop

Blogger-Approved Décor Hauls
To Inspire Your Holiday Home

November 9, 2017

Gordmans teamed up with our fave bloggers for their home décor hauls. We love that they all have such a different eye for style, and hope they inspire your home.

If you’ve got home-styling chops you want to show off, keep reading for a chance to win a Gordmans gift card!


Luxe for less

Vlogger Kayla Pritchard chose ‘luxe for less’ pieces to transition her home perfectly, from a different take on a traditional vase to this unique smokey glass pumpkin. Try out her tips for a similar look to your home.


Getting cozy

Youtuber Candice of Fancy That with Candice shared her two-part home haul for the holidays. Take her cue and get cozy with soft sweater slipper booties for lounging around the house, or chasing after her boys – who no doubt keep her on her (now toasty) toes.

Vintage and eclectic

Add a few choice quirky, eclectic pieces to your décor, like Leah of Keep Calm And Blush On did with this wavy cut marble tray with copper hardware. Its thick rope handles contrast the slick marble and give it subtle character, which she’ll use as a catchall or to display seasonal décor.

Harvest home

Blogger Shauna of Trying to Stay Calm was all about the harvest theme for a festive fall home. She stocked up in-store for decorating and gifting goodies for her family and friends. Keep a few pieces for each season handy, and you’ll always be ready for gifts and guests.


Got award-worthy autumn home design down? Share a pic and tag #gotitatgordmans and #sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 Gordmans gift card! No purchase necessary. Ends 11/30/17. US Residents only, 18+. Void where prohibited.

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