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Traveling in Style on a Budget

February 22, 2018

Another month, another travel destination! Or at least that’s what its felt like lately for me and my crazy schedule. I have had the opportunity to go to Oklahoma, Texas and Illinois all in the past two months and found myself in desperate need of a little update to my previous luggage situation and MAN did I luck out recently at Gordmans! Have you ever been on a budget? Yeah, me too. Like every day, lol. But in all seriousness, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that’s going to get tossed around and dragged everywhere I go BUT I still wanted something stylish of course!

So, I was doing some research and stumbled on the amazing deals you can find at Gordmans and you guys, their goods are not run-of-the-mill, boring stuff – they have QUALITY gems and basically everything you’d need related to travel. I walked in and promptly got so carried away that I needed a second cart (no shame in the double cart game). Ya’ll…it’s already obvious but let’s just say I did NOT leave empty-handed OR disappointed in anything I purchased.

Not only did I find swanky travel goods but I discovered they have a very robust athleisure section….so…yeah, those came home with me too. Here’s a run down of everything I got:

  • Yellow Mia Toro Carry-on – $79!
  • Two pairs of super dope leggings (with the cute mesh accents) – $9/each
  • Waterproof Travel Toiletry bag – $8
  • Leopard Accent Slippers – $7
  • Belle Hop Leather Luggage Tags – $3/each

Are you convinced yet? The prices really are unbeatable. And I found out Gordmans has a unique program called the Lowest Price Guarantee, which is a price-matching program. The Guarantee means that if you find the same product anywhere else online or in stores, they will price match if you bring in the competitor’s ad that shows the competing price! And not only that, they will even give you a $5 gift card for exposing them to the lower price. I mean, how cool is that?! Even better is that whenever a customer does this, they flag it in their system and lower the price on that item moving forward. It’s really a win-win. SO, in culmination, will I be back? Absolutely. And how many carts will I need next time? Well, that’s still TBD.

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5 Spring Travel Must-Haves with Good Life for Less

February 1, 2018

Spring travel absolutely gives me life! Since winter is so long and cold here in Michigan having some spring travel on the horizon definitely helps me get through.  This year we are lucky enough to get away in February for a short trip to bridge the gap for our upcoming spring break in April. When my husband and I first got married and when we had small kids we rarely traveled, but now that we are more established with older kids we try to get out of town as much as we are able.  Over the past few years I’ve become SO much better at travel. Today I am partnering with Gordmans to talk about my 5 spring travel must-haves.

If you haven’t checked out a Gordmans in your area yet – I highly suggest visiting one soon! They have such amazing deals and I was awestruck by their amazing travel gear at REALLY great prices… wait until you hear what I spent on this gorgeous navy rolling suitcase. You will never believe.  Gordmans is an off-price retailer that stocks home goods, travel necessities, mens, womens and kids fashion and everything in between at amazing prices.  To find a store near you or sign up for their rewards program – click here!

5 Spring Travel Must-haves

1. An oversized scarf or small blanket. Why are airplanes so cold? I mean I get cold jet bridges and cold airplanes first thing in the morning, but often times on flights I will be shivering the ENTIRE way. Lesson learned. I now travel with either a really oversized scarf or a small blanket to keep warm.  That and ordering hot tea every time the beverage cart comes by makes a cold flight bearable! I found this lightweight but oh so cozy cream chenille blanket at Gordmans that is PERFECT for travel.  It’s light as a feather and was under $25 at my local Gordmans. It will for sure be going in my carry-on for the next flight!

2. A (empty) water bottle. Our airport now has a water filling station right after security. How cool is that? You should call your airport or check next time you are there if they have one as well.  I pack an empty water bottle and fill it up right after security to avoid the $4 bottles of water at the airport magazine shop.  That way I can down a bottle of water while I’m waiting for my flight and fill it up and have another on hand for the duration of the flight. I’m constantly thirsty on a usual day… so this saves me a ton of money!  I found this cool water bottle for only $8 on my recent Gordmans adventure. Plus I love this slim size to fit in the pouch in front of you on a flight.

3. Over the ear headphones.  You guys, spring travel is the number one travel season for families.  You know what that means… crying babies on flights.  The most cringe worthy part of travel! Of course I feel terrible for those moms that are enduring flights with babies – that is no easy feat at all. I remember flying only a handful of times with my son when he was very small and being terrified that he would start crying and not stop. It’s so tough for those little littles on flights.  But since my kids are so far past that stage I need a good pair over the ear headphones to help block out the noise.  This fun goal pair was a mere $17! Nice!

4. A nice big suitcase.  This girl does NOT travel light. I can never manage a carry-on bag so I go BIG when I look at suitcases. The selection at Gordmans right now for suitcases is incredible! Black, gold, pink, white – you name it, they have these super practical hard sided rolling suitcases in ALL sizes and colors. This HUGE navy version was only $60. Can you believe that!? And it fits SO much stuff in it. I can’t wait to use it!  If big suitcases aren’t your thing – hey I get that – they have tons of carry on options, again, in so many fun colors.

5. Packing cubes. Okay these are a recent obsession of mine. What are packing cubes? They are simply small zippered pouches that fit in your suitcase to make it more organized. And organization is kind of my thing.  I love that this set of three (only $20) is perfect for separating shoes, intimates, dirty laundry, or would be great for keeping your toddlers or babies clothes separate from yours in your suitcase.

What are some of your favorite travel necessities? I would love to hear!

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My Secret for Finding Travel Discounts

January 15, 2018

Sweatshirt: Gordmans | Luggage: Gordmans | Lukes Outfit: Gordmans

Throughout 2017, one of the most commonly asked questions I have received is about travel. If you’ve followed me the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that we love to travel – and adding sweet Luke to the family didn’t really change that for us. Luke is now 8 months old and he’s been on 32 (or more?) flights. We have a system down for packing & getting on and off the plane with the baby & stroller & carseat, etc. I will admit, the first couple of flights are intimidating & you almost dread the process – but once you get used to it, it becomes fairly ‘easy’. But – that is a whole other story – and blog post! Though, I have done two separate detailed posts on tips for traveling with a baby, I will update again soon since it does change as the baby gets older!

I would a say a huge chunk of the questions I receive regarding travel are about what to wear to be comfortable, yet cute while traveling as well as what travel accessories are necessary & are there are there any dupes or more affordable options for some of the travel gear we use. Well! I am so excited because I recently discovered a place that has a huge travel section with popular name brands & every type of accessory you can think of – and it is Gordmans.

To give you a little background, my family lives in Arkansas and there’s a Gordmans in the city where my sister lives [Rogers, AR]. Back in early November my mom was here in Tulsa helping with Luke one weekend and she had something cute on and I asked where she got it and she answered it was from Gordmans. Oddly enough, I got an email just a month after this conversation from Gordmans asking if I’d like to collaborate. I don’t do a majority of the collaborations that come my way & I’d never actually shopped at Gordmans so initially I was thinking it would not be a fit for me. I was telling my mom how funny it was to get their e-mail just weeks after her mentioning the store and she said “Emily! You need to stop by next time you visit your sister because I think you’d love it!”. Long story short, I was shooting a campaign in Arkansas soon after & decided to quickly pop into Gordmans on my way home. The second I walked in – I was in shock! I left with an overflowing cart actually. They are an off-price retailer & basically buy excess inventory from specialty stores & sell it at the most competitive pricing.

Before I start about travel gear, I wanted to quickly touch on what all I got while in the store just to give you an idea. [I will also add some videos to my Insta-story today so you can see some things I loved, but couldn’t bring home!!] So, they have a large section of women’s clothing – everything from shoes, coats, denim, sweaters, etc. But the sections I was most impressed with was the baby section, home interior section, & the mens section. They have something called Lowest Price Guarantee which is a price-matching program. They track their competitors and are adamant about having the lowest prices in the market so they allow you to bring in an ad, receipts, or website to show that another retailers has a lower price. Not only will they match the competitors’ price but they also give you a $5 Gordmans gift card. [Read more about the guarantee here.] I found my dad & John a few Nike things while I was there the first time. In fact, my dad has his Nike half zip pullover I got him on almost everytime I see him, lol! A lot of the Nike gear I bought  for them & for Luke is new – as in, new in department stores right now at full price, yet I got it at 50% off.

Just wanted to touch on all of that ^ in case you are not interested in travel! BUT, if you are interested in travel you are going to DIE when I tell you how much I scored this brand new DVF 24” spinner – it was $49! To give you a better idea, I have 4 pieces of DVF luggage already & I get asked about them ALL of the time. They have the old-fashioned trunk look, but it is better quality & has a chic look overall. I’ve seen this exact spinner marked down before but it was around $120 & I found it at Gordman’s for $49. As soon as I saw their travel section [& pricing], I was like “okay, I have to do a post – people will love this!”.  The travel section is large & has all different sizes of suitcases, carry-ons, etc. You can find brand name pieces as well as super affordable, basic pieces. There is a section devoted to travel accessories as well like neck pillows, super cute passport covers, little bags for organization, duffles, cord holders, etc. I could go on & one but I’m trying to keep this short, lol! Basically, if you are planning any special trips for 2018 & you are on the hunt for really functional, but cute luggage at affordable prices, definitely swing by Gordmans. It is a large store but I promise you’ll be shocked at some of things you find & at the price points as well.

In the above photos the sweatshirt I am wearing & Luke’s full outfit are all from Gordmans. My older brother is a high school basketball coach & loves Nike so we put Luke in this Nike outfit yesterday to take him to watch my brothers team play. My brother was carrying Luke around and showing him to everyone, it was really cute.


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Functional & Fashionable Luggage + My Travel Style with Gordmans

November 21, 2017

Hi sweet friends and happy Tuesday to y’all!  We’ve been back to reality (aka home from vacation) for two weeks now and just when I got done unpacking and tucked away my suitcases, I go and book another trip!  I’m super pumped to be meeting my blogging BFF’s, Cortney & Kelssey, in Washington D.C. in just a couple weeks!  It was a huge goal of mine for 2017 to travel more, and I’m pretty pleased with how many adventures I’ve experienced so far.  I’ve learned that traveling with fun, functional, & fashionable (because airport pics, #duh) luggage is super important, so after using this Kensie set from Gordmans for the last three trips I’ve taken, it’s time to give you the 411 and share my thoughts & opinions on my luggage!

First things first… having luggage that has wheels & can be pushed AND pulled is HUGE!  My old suitcase was a beast to pull around and there was no way I could manage my big suitcase as well as a carry on and a tote bag/purse.  That was the first thing I looked for when scouting for a new set!  Second, you girls know I’m not a huge fan of the color black and don’t have many black colored accessories.  So I knew I didn’t want black luggage.  I really wanted the fancy white with brown trim set that all my fashion blogger buddies have, but I’m super OCD about keeping things clean and knew that a dirty suit case – even if it only had minimal marks or scuffs – would drive me nuts!  So I settled on this taupe/gold color and have been very pleased!  I do clean it up after I travel, just to keep it as nice as possible, but knicks and dents are inevitable, but this shade doesn’t show near as much as a white suitcase would.

I used to travel with a Vera Bradley duffle bag and while I loved having a matching set (I have alllllll the duffle sizes, laptop case, kindle case, passport holder, etc.), I don’t know how many people I’ve hit in the head walking down the aisle to my seat!  Short girl problems.  Tony always handles my biz when we travel together, but since I’ve been doing more travel solo, I needed a carry on that I could wrangle and not let it overpower my small frame!  This carry on has been such a handy dandy piece and despite it’s looks, it actually holds a ton!  I always pack an extra outfit, pajamas, & undies, plus my contacts/glasses, makeup, medicine, and shoes (because those are heavy ha!) in my carry on just in case you make it your destination and your checked bag does not.  I also love that these Kensie pieces are hard, light weight plastic and aren’t a fabric.  Fabric suitcases can be very heavy and when you pack a lot of stuff, you need every ounce you can get!  Plus the hard outer shell keeps your belongings safe & sound!

Now let’s chat about what to wear when traveling!  I am all about that comfort, but I’m also about fashion & style, obvy.  Leggings, stretchy jeans, and flattering cotton dresses can be just as comfortable as baggy sweatpants and you can still hold your head high while sipping on that cocktail in the airport bar!  Regardless of what you choose to wear on the bottom, I always have a cardigan on or in-towe when I’m flying!  I prefer longer duster cardigans, too, because they can help keep your legs covered if you’re wearing a dress or shorts.  I snagged this marled gray cardigan from Gordmans when I bought my luggage and knew it would be perfect for our Mexico trip.  It was a night light weight material and had pockets, which was super handy to keep my phone in and boarding pass handy!  Another item I always have with me when traveling is a hat!  Once vacation is over, I usually have dirty hair and have zero energy or care about doing my hair and a full face of makeup when you’re heading home.  Which is why a ball cap is the best thing ever to hide those tired eyes and dry shampoo-filled mane!  I grabbed this faux leather hat at Gordmans, as well, and it was like 1/2 the price of a nearly identical one I had in my cart at another retailer – score!

Gordmans was actually my very first retail job in high school and I’ve loved them ever since!  They carry so many name brands (Free People, Jessica Simpson, Madden Girl, Nike, etc.) and honestly have the most amazing selection of all things home decor!  Which will be my home away from home when our home renovation is done 🙂

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