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Holiday Hair Tutorial – All About The Braids

December 11, 2015

With holiday season upon us, it’s time to find a pretty hairstyle that will be the perfect compliment to sparkly ensembles and cups of eggnog. We teamed up with the cool girls at Hank & Ax Salon to show us 3 braided ‘do’s that will easily take you party hopping this December. Whether you’re looking to go a little edgy or prefer something classically beautiful, watch below for some major mane inspiration.

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Get Your Kicks – 5 Ways To Wear Fashion Sneakers

December 4, 2015

How to style bright sneakers

From vibrant turquoise to fiery fuschia, bright sneakers are especially on-trend right now. Sure, you can throw them on with your workout gear and hit the gym, but it’s a lot more fun to use them to jazz up an everyday outfit. Read on for a few clever tips on how to rock them with confidence.


>>Skinny denim and a leather jacket or blazer

A leather (or pleather!) bomber or a one-button blazer are versatile pieces in any closet, and colored sneaks add some quirkiness to this otherwise sleek ensemble.

>>Leggings and an oversized tunic

If you’d usually wear this comfy combo with boots or ballet flats, just swap in those sneakers and you’re good to go.

>>T-shirt dress and a denim jacket

This one’s a good match for warmer winters—or just file away this look for spring! Go sockless or wear ankle socks in a contrasting color (you’ll see just flash of it peeking out) and roll up the jacket sleeves for a relaxed vibe.

>>Boyfriend jeans and a slouchy sweater

The effortless feel of this outfit makes adding sneakers a cinch. Roll your jeans a bit at the ankle to really put the focus on your fancy feet.

>>Long-sleeved collared shirt, straight-legged jeans add a puffy vest

Pair your classic white Oxford and favorite jeans with a sporty quilted vest for a fun, preppy outfit perfect for a football game or casual brunch.


 >>Play it cool with other colors.

Since your shoes are the star of the show, keep your clothing neutral. Think navy, khaki, white, black and shades of gray, from light smoke to deep charcoal.

 >>It’s all about the accessories.

Your other accessories are a great place to splash just a bit of coordinating or contrasting color, like a fedora with a colored band or a plaid or printed scarf incorporating the same hue as your sneakers.

 >>Lace up in style.

There are dozens of ways to lace your sneakers—criss-cross, straight bar, lightning, double-back—and all give a subtly different result. Try YouTube for helpful how-to videos and have fun experimenting!

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Under $30 Gift Guide – For Your Sister

December 1, 2015

You have a secret language. You’ve borrowed, (and probably ruined) items from her closet on multiple occasions. You’ve cried until unattractive red splotches appeared all over your face and she still told you that you were beautiful. You’ve fought over who got to take the car out on Friday night…and who got stuck with Mom’s Chrysler Minivan. You’ve bolstered each other up in life goals, love gone wrong and long lost dreams. She’s your PERSON.

Whether by blood or by bond, the women you consider sisters have a special place in your heart and deserve something extra sweet this holiday season. We’ve rounded up some top gift ideas—all for under $30!— that are sure to make her eyes light up, (and that will be perfect for you to borrow the next time you’re at her place!)

  1. A classic black handbag to match her savvy style: Jessica Simpson Handbag $29.99
  2. An eye defining makeup set along with the cutest printed case : elf makeup set $6.99 & cosmetics case $4.99
  3. The must-have item of the season, a bold blanket scarf: Scarf $16.99
  4. Luxury-in-a-basket spa slippers set to indulge in at home: Spa slipper set $16.99
  5. Cozy boot slippers perfect for holiday sister slumber parties: Slippers $9.99
  6. Her signature scent – or a new one she’s been dying to try: Burberry Brit $29.99
  7. A stylish yet comfortable open cardigan, (that you’ll immediately borrow): Cardigan $24.99
  8. Toast every occasion with cute coffee cups and sassy stemware: Wine glass $7.99, Coffee cup $5.99
  9. A pretty infinity bracelet to show her that your kind of friendship lasts a lifetime: Bracelet $7.99
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Start A New Tradition! Black Friday Brunch

November 23, 2015

It’s almost time for Black Friday, my friends. You’ve pored over the sales fliers, assembled a trusty team of shopping buddies and carefully planned a store-to-store strategy, (including all the hottest deals at Gordmans, of course!) After the early morning rush, what better way to thank the people who would throw themselves onto the last big-screen TV for you than by hosting a hearty, post-shopping brunch?


The ideal dress code is pajamas, slippers optional.


Make a cheeky garland to drape across your mantle or doorway by threading twine through the handles of shopping bags. Tie a knot at each handle to keep the bags from all sliding to the middle.


An egg casserole is easy to prep ahead of time and bake in the oven post-shopping. Scramble a dozen eggs, whisk in a cup of heavy cream, add your choice of additions (think crumbled sausage or bacon, shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms, diced green peppers), season with salt and pepper and pour into a greased 9-by-13-inch casserole pan. Cover with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. When you return from shopping, preheat the oven to 350º F and bake for 10-15 minutes, until eggs are firm and golden. Or create an simple breakfast buffet with muffins, bagels and miniature cereal boxes with regular, chocolate and strawberry milk to pour in.


A coffee bar is just the ticket to give your guests their second wind. Pour your choice of coffee toppings (chocolate chips, coconut shavings, candy sprinkles—anything goes) into bowls or cups the night before. Bring out whipped cream and flavored creamers, brew a pot of coffee and you’re ready to caffeinate. For a boozy brunch, uncork a bottle of sparkling wine (look for an inexpensive champagne, prosecco or cava) and mix your own champagne cocktails with fruit juices. Try orange juice for Mimosas, peach nectar for Bellinis or cranberry juice for Poinsettias; pour the juices into carafes the night before for a pretty presentation. Guests can fill their own glasses one-third of the way with juice and top off with bubbly.


Amuse your fellow shoppers by doling out awards for the day: Best Getaway Driver, Most Valuable Player, Top Deal Huntress, Most Frequent Bathroom Break Taker … whatever fits the bill for your crew. Pick up award ribbons from the craft store or trinkets from the dollar store to use as prizes and make the ceremony especially photo-worthy. Or put a shopping-themed spin on the traditional “What’s in your purse?” shower game and award prizes to whomever can most quickly unearth various items from their handbag: fast-food breakfast wrappers, the longest or shortest receipt … you get the idea.

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How To Tie A Blanket Scarf

November 20, 2015

Feeling a bit strapped for time? Yup. We hear ya! So let’s unite in our #LifeGoals to stop wasting time on silly things like standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to make that pretty new scarf you just bought look like it does on all those fashionable bloggers and Pinterest People. Raise up your fists with us and shout, WE WANT SHORTCUTS!!

And so, with that in mind, here’s 3 ways to tie that pretty new scarf in under a minute. Getting dressed in the morning just got a lot easier. You’re welcome:)

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That 70’s Show

November 19, 2015

Once upon a time, you could throw out a decade and—poof!—an instant visual of the iconic fashion representing that era would appear. But these days, the wardrobe doors have been flung wide open, and people are drawing inspiration from multiple cultures, time-periods, designers, movements and more, just to get dressed every day. No longer do you have to claim that your style is classic, or feminine, or preppy or punk. You can wake up every morning and totally reinvent yourself… just by changing your clothes.

That being said, there are currently a few fashion phases seeing a resurgence, one of which is the free-spirited 70’s. Bring on the fringe, the ethereal fabrics, the platform shoes and bell-bottom jeans. Mix in certain pieces to your current wardrobe to add a bit of laid-back, cool, or dive right in and wear that wide-brimmed hat everyday. Either way, we love the details and silhouettes of these pieces, and the mood and spirit they evoke.






Shop The Looks:

Crochet Peasant Top

Crochet Fringe Top

Button Front Skirt

Open Cardigan 

Aztec Coatigan

Sherpa Lined Coat

Faux Shearling Sweater Coat

Fringe Vest

Wool Panama Hat

Wool Floppy Hat


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Top Shopped: 11/14/15

November 13, 2015

Our top shopped items on show that gift shopping is in full swing! Awesome NFL and team gear? Check. Adorable boots for the season? Check, check. The most popular toys around for up to 60% less than department stores? Check, check, ch….you get the point.

1. Little hands will be off to the races with this cool, Hot Wheels Race Case.

2. Snow ready and out for adventure, these fleece-lined boots are just begging for snow.

3. The force is awakening, and we’ve got Star Wars Legos that will have imaginations soaring!

4. Win or lose, this Broncos zip-up hoodie is ready for game day.

5. Your guests will never want to leave when the holidays, and this 9-piece bedroom set, are at your house!

6. Never stop celebrating when you’re wearing this awesome Royals World Series Champions sweatshirt.

7. Elsa and Anna are still enchanting kids with this wondrous Frozen Ice Palace.

8. Paired with leggings, denim or dresses, these suede boots are a wardrobe must!

9. Smiles will be abundant when this Thomas & Friends Turbo Flip Train is unwrapped!

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For The Love Of Layering

October 21, 2015

While the temps keep up their circus act—summer warm one weekend and crisp ‘n’ cool the next—every girls’ saving grace is, The Layered Outfit.  This wardrobe workhorse consists of functional yet flattering pieces that can top off almost any classic look, and add that extra layer of warmth, comfort and cool to your style. Read on to see 3 of our favorites



A quilted vest is the perfect start. Add in harmonious, contrast colors and a cheerful, faux-fur hood and you’ve got a piece that looks as good paired with a knit sweater dress at the office, as it does atop a plaid shirt for the weekend football game.



Would you consider yourself a poncho person? You should be. This figure-forgiving sweater is essentially a blanket, (shhh, it will be our secret), but once you add in great texture and details it becomes so much more. We’re dreaming of wearing this grey, fringe version with skinny jeans and booties for every fall outing on the calendar. Not to mention how cute it would look over a solid pencil skirt with knee-high boots!


This mixed-media vest feels so chic, (and costs so little!) with faux-leather flap-pockets and gold hardware accents. Zip it up over a long tunic and black ponte pants for an edgy look that is sure to get noticed!

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1 Vest 3 Ways

October 9, 2015

Vests are a key fashion item this fall, and we’re showing you how to mix up the same style for work, weekend and beyond with just some simple outfit updates. We love how easy it is to accomplish different looks with the same piece, and stretch your wardrobe, (and your budget!) in the best way!

Find your own look:







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Thoughts From A Star Wars Super-Fan…

September 10, 2015

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Ok, fine. It was 1983, small-town Nebraska, and I was 5 years old. The first movie my parents took me to in a theater was Return of the Jedi. My slightly older cousins had seen it without incident so my parents finally agreed that it would be ok for me to see it. To their shock, I sat content and focused for 2 hours and 16 minutes. It was amazing. From that point on, I was a fan.

To say I had embraced the Star Wars lifestyle is an understatement. Growing up, I had Star Wars books, toys, games, clothes, lunch-boxes, and yes – even bed sheets. To my parent’s embarrassment, it didn’t end with childhood, either. I grew up re-watching the original trilogy on VHS hundreds of times, as well as attending theatrical re-releases in the late 90’s. And I guess I have to admit that I saw each of the disappointing prequels once too. When I turned 36 my boss even got me a Chewbacca birthday cake. Who says you have to grow up?

So when it was announced that Disney bought the rights to my favorite franchise I was cautiously optimistic. Disney also owns Marvel, and barring Iron Man 2, those movies have been great. The good news is the previews and interviews that have been released to promote The Force Awakens this November are all really exciting. And as much as I didn’t want to spoil the experience for myself, I did watch the teaser trailer. It was amazing. The bad news is I only have 98 days to convince my wife that we need to go on opening night…

Guest post written by Gordmans resident Super-Fan, Scott