Today I’m sharing a little peak into my favorite small space: my office! I retreat here on a daily basis to finish up work, check off items in my planner (you know I’m a list gal) and surf Pinterest. Having a designated work space in my home is so much more encouraging.

I know many of you are heading back to school and decorating your apartments, sorority house rooms, or, for many of my friends in law, dental or optometry school, your rental homes! Being in our 20’s, we’re all on budgets. Making even the simplest spaces feel cozy while staying in your price range is possible.

Starting with my desk, I was able to accessorize and organize my space. Decor – canisters, the letter board ($15, y’all – get on this!) and my new candle completed my desk look. I even got to throw in my favorite accent shape – a mint colored pineapple!

Are you ready for back to school season? How are you decorating your small spaces? I’d love to hear/see!

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