The situation: Halloween is in two days and you just got invited to a party. Panic ensues. You need a fang-tastic Halloween costume, like, yesterday! So you ransack your closet for something to make into a legit costume and end up with that cute plaid shirt and sweet denim overalls you got from Gordmans. Wait…your bestie has a straw hat. Scarecrow costume it is!

But without makeup you’ll just look like a farmer’s daughter. No worries, girl. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform into the most adorable scarecrow ever in less than 20 minutes, using your own makeup!

Step 1 – Apply an orange shade of eyeshadow to your lids and under your eyes.

Step 2 – Line your top lids with black or dark brown liner. You can add a little wing at the end if you like.

Step 3 – Apply black eyeliner along your waterline and use it to draw in exaggerated eyelashes.

Step 4 – With the same black eyeliner, draw a teardrop on the tip of your nose and stitches from your mouth almost to your ears, along your cheekbones.

Step 5 – Using orange eyeshadow or an orange hued blush, fill in the tip of your nose and create orange circles on the apples of your cheeks.

Put your hair in pigtails, tie a bandanna around your neck and voila – you’re good to go, boo! See? There was nothing to be scared of. 😉