Pop quiz! Which of the following do you need most for back-to-school season? A) Fresh spiral notebook 2. Newly sharpened pencils 3. Fabulous new outfit. Answer: All of the above, of course! It seems like just yesterday we were counting down the days until summer, but it’s already time to start thinking about back to school and all the what-should-I-wear anticipation it brings. Read on for top trends for this season as well as classic wardrobe staples that every students should have in the closet.


Layering is a strong look this fall, and adding or subtracting a layer or two can help the transition from sunny playground to chilly air-conditioned classroom. Vests are the MVP of the layered look, so look for ones with hoods, quilted details or with military-inspired pockets and hardware. Trick-the-eye styles such as jean jackets or flannels with hoods built in give the look of layers without the added bulk of actually wearing two pieces.

Colette Lily Print Hood Vest, $12.99

Cherry Stix Chevron Twofer Puffer Vest and Top, $10.00

Derek Heart Flannel Hoodie, $9

Clever graphic tees allow you to wear your attitude on your sleeve … or the front of your shirt, rather.

Kidtopia Chomp Tee, $5.99

Hybrid Your Feelings Tee, $5

Cold Crush The Struggle is Real Tee, $11.99

Cold shoulder tops are a hot summer trend expected to go strong into the fall thanks, only look for bolder colors and heftier fabrics rather that the gauzy, breezy styles of months past. Tip: Make sure to check your school’s dress code first, as some strappier styles may be off limits.

Free Kisses Cold Shoulder Solid Knit Necklace Top, $14.99

LA Teez Cold Shoulder with Cross Wings Top, $14.99

Cold Shoulder Chevron Top, $14.99

Low-top, lace-up sneakers in canvas and printed cottons are a popular and practical back-to-school shoe for girls and boys alike. Few other shoe styles match so effortlessly with sundresses and shorts alike. Look for perky chevrons, preppy primary colors and wacky prints (flamingos, anyone?).

Gotta Flurt Option Youth Sneaker, $14.99

Vans Atwood Youth Boys’ Sneaker, $19.99

Vans Camden Youth Girls’ Sneaker, $19.99


Denim is always in style for back-to-school. Both skinny and wider-legged styles are still going strong; look for embellishments such as sequins to add a touch of glitz, or rough-and-tumble rips and patches for a bit of edge. From kindergarten through senior year, you can’t go wrong with a classic straight leg style in a super-dark wash.

Patch Ribbed Detail Moto Skinny Jeans, $19.99

Sequin Details Twill Skinny Pants, $19.99

Levi’s 505 Jeans 4-7, $19.99

Uniforms are a daily necessity for students going to schools that require them, but today’s styles are anything but, well uniform. Dainty ribbon bows and ruffle fronts perk up the classic white polo for girls, while striped belts and cargo pockets perk up the classic uniform trousers for boys. Scooters give the look of a traditional skirt uniform while sporting the practicality of rugged shorts.

French Toast Ruffle Front Cinch Waist Uniform Blouse, $9.99

French Toast Belted Uniform Cargo Pants, $16.99

French Toast Two Tab Pleated Uniform Scooter, $9.99

Backpacks are a must-have for every back-to-school season. Options abound to totes those books on daily walks and bus rides, from sporty colorblock to rugged camo to a kooky pachyderm print.

Fila Striker Colorblock Backpack, $16.99

Canvas Full Zip Front Pocket Print Backpack, $19.99

Dickies Promo Bag, $9.99

With a mix of up-to-the-minute trends and classic staples, you can’t go wrong come the start of this school year.

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