We’re showing some love to our fave kitty, Ms. Stella. We knew this day was coming and wanted to be prepped & ready to shower her with toys, treats & gifts to celebrate our BFF kitty!

Meet Stella:
Born: November
Age: 2 1/2 years
Eye color: Greenish-gold
Fave food: Salmon Pâté
Loves: Bringing mommy gifts (like f-r-o-g-s!)
Fave hiding place: The pantry
Fave Toy: Yellow slinky

Our local Gordmans was the purrrfect place to scoop up fun gifts for our feline friend like bowls & toys for her, even “Cat Mom” mugs for Stella’s mommy – and even home décor!

There are also essentials at Gordmans like cat trees for scratching with nooks & crannies for playtime!

Celebrate your BFF kitty today (and every day) with hugs AND gifts like these and more + don’t forget, if anybody asks be sure to say you “#GotItAtGordmans.” Find your local store here.