Still coming off of that sugar coma from holiday-haze 2015? We know the feeling. And while it’s nice to reminisce about those decadent cookie exchanges and delicious homemade meals, we can’t seem to stop January from trudging in and, (brutally), slapping us back to reality.

Living a healthy life is the goal. Let’s make smart food choices everyday, but not miss out on mouth-watering flavor. Let’s lace up those athletic shoes and get moving, but not doing something that bores us to tears and that we’ll quit in a month. Let’s make a change from crash diets and workout fads that lose their luster after the first few weeks of the year and leave us back in a Pringle-laden funk.

This year we’re going to kick things off with a little friendly competition through a company fitness challenge! That’s right, Gordmans team members at the corporate office, distribution centers and stores will be invited to participate in a fun and rewarding challenge that’s focused on getting moving in 2016, and setting habits we’ll be happy to keep up throughout the year.

We’ve included details below on how to recreate this challenge on your own. Make a plan jump start your heart with friends, family, co-workers or book-club buddies and you’ll have extra motivation to achieve your goals! May the best man EVERYONE win!

STEP 1: Pick your group. Find people who will help you stay motivated, and with whom you’ll want to spend some extra time laughing off calories! Gordmans teams may consist of up to 10 members, and will be competing against each other for fun prizes.

STEP 2: Set a timeline. A month is a good starting point, but if you know travel schedules or big events will make it difficult to get things done in 4 weeks, adjust accordingly for your team in both time and number of challenges to do. Gordmans team members will have 1 month to complete 100 challenges.


STEP 3: Get creative. The list of “Get Moving” ideas that we have are totally flexible! If you know that weekend playdates leave you breathless after chasing toddlers, include that in the mix. Whatever sound fun and motivates you to get off the couch is what should be written in those squares! Check out Gordmans list of challenges:

STEP 4: Be accountable. Not just for yourself, but for your team. The only way you’ll get through the challenge AND set habits that will help you stay healthy for the long term is to stay the course and make sure you complete the tasks assigned. Gordmans created a chart with all the challenges and everyone on the team must help cross off all the items before the end of the challenge!

STEP 5: Celebrate the wins! Changing your habits is HARD, so take the time to celebrate every win you have. Whether that’s taking the stairs at work every day for a week, or just cutting out that mid-afternoon soda, find someone to high-five over your achievements and you’ll keep that store of motivation perked up for the long term.

Remember to have fun and set achievable goals that you can keep. That way, the next time you get home from that memorable all-you-can-eat cruise, you’ll know just the way back to living a fit life!