Ah, summer birthdays. They’re just inherently more fun because…you know, summer. And July birthdays are like, the summer-iest of all the birthdays. You have July 4th and all its fireworks (literally), national Piña Colada day on July 10th (mmm…), and the very underrated national avocado day on July 31. But enough about those days that are for everyone…let’s talk about YOUR big day!

Let’s Get This Party Started

A proper birthday celebration starts with all the right party accoutrements, as the French say (we don’t really know if they say that). If friends and family are planning your big shindig, let ’em know that Gordmans has tons of b-day stuff. They have gift bags, party favors, greeting cards — even gift cards if you’re one of those hard to shop for types. And with Gordmans super low prices, you’re sure to have a super sparkly party for your magical milestone.

Refreshments will be provided

We hate the old marketing term, “one stop shop”, but let’s get real…that’s what Gordmans is. Not only can you get gifts and party favors, you’ll also find cookies and coffee at Gordmans, or “light bites” (you can use that for your invitations). And check out that price tag!

The Happiest of Birthdays to You!

However you choose to spend your day, all of us here at Gordmans (except for Larry, who hates fun things) wish all you July babies a very happy birthday!