What if there were a magic tonic that could make your skin look brighter, boost your energy and help your body fight off germs? Surprise!! There is. It’s called WATER. Our bodies work at their best when well-hydrated, but few people drink as much water—eight 8-ounce glasses, or 64 ounces—as they should each day. For the best shot at getting your fill, bring your water wherever you go with the help of these colorful bottles, cups and coolers.

1.Dots Cold Cup, $4.99

This 22-ounce lidded cooler is covered with perky lime and turquoise polka dots, topped with a chartreuse straw.


2. Episode 7 Troopers Water Bottle, $2.99
Show your love for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with this bold black-and-white 25-ounce bottle lined with stoic storm troopers.


3. Loop Peace Water Bottle, $4.99

The finger loop on this peace sign-emblazoned 20-ounce bottle makes it perfect for toting to and from yoga class.


4. Owl Mason Jar Glassware, $3.99

This owl-shaped mason jar-style sipper has a cute vintage vibe and comes in bright turquoise, ruby or green glass.


5. Opaque Heart Cold Cup, $4.99

A whimsical striped straw and metallic gold heart make this fuschia 22-ounce cup feel extra special.


6. Glitter Carpe Diem Cup, $5.99

Serious sparkles and inspirational words wrap around this 22-ounce cold cup with a sleek black lid.


7. Be Happy Tritan H20 Water Bottle $7.99

The poppy red and orange floral motif on this 18-ounce bottle will inspire you to do exactly what it says: Be happy!


8. Zebra Pink Glitter Cold Cup, $5.99

This 22-ounce cooler combines the straw of a cold cup with the finger loop of a water bottle. Add a funky magenta zebra pattern and you’ve got one eye-catching way to drink up.


9. Marvel Slash Tritan Water Bottle, $2.99
A few of Marvel’s most famous faces—from the Hulk to Spiderman—adorn this colorful 20-ounce bottle. (Even superheroes need to stay hydrated!)