The holidays are here—and you’ve got places to go and parties to attend. Watch our video to see Bonnie, Gordmans corporate associate and cosmetics fanatic, demonstrate her step-by-step approach to getting ready in a dash. She uses her favorite line—NYX.


1. After doing her brows, she uses the NYX eyeshadow kit to create a neutral, smokey-eye look.

2. First, she adds a neutral color to her lid.

3. She adds depth with a rich, brown shade.

4. She uses black eyeshadow on the outer portion of her eyelid to add even more depth.

5. With a simple smudge of the lash line, she creates the smokey effect.

6. A touch of blush and highlight to her cheeks adds just the right amount of glow.

7. To finish it off, she adds a NYX long-lasting lipstick for a pop of color.


And, voilá, she’s ready for whatever holiday festivities come her way!