Office decor is a struggle, am I right? It’s a fine balance between making it cute and feels like you without spending too much of the hard earned money you are making in that office. You spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in your office, so making it feel like home can be crucial. It can help with productivity and creativity by working in an environment that is inspiring.

How To Make Your Office More Homey


I love knick-knacks, they fill out a space, add personality and really complete a space. As y’all know I work in social media so I added some fun knick-knacks like the ceramic hashtag on my desk to tie in my style with my job. I also add some other knick-knack items like a candle and fake succulents to add some color and warmth to the space.


So furniture can be tricky and again expensive. I found this gold table at Gordmans for only $25! This is the perfect piece for a little sitting area when people have to come talk to me in my office or joint conference calls.

At my first job, I had my own office and the company I was working for was very budget conscious so I ended up buying an accent chair for my office and LOVED it. It made my office more inviting and people wanted to come in and hang out in there.


Since you spend so much time in your office, having pictures of friends and family surrounding can be very motivating and comforting. It can be a gentle reminder of the hard work you are doing and why you are doing it.

Hang Things On The Wall

Hanging things on the wall can do SO much for your office. As you can tell my office is very…white. Before my office revamp I was staring at blank walls all day every day. Talk about making a girl go crazy, it felt like a prison cell. Wall decor can be very pricey, so I tried to think of ways that I could hang things up without spending a lot of money. I opted for a cork board which is both functional and stylish. I am able to hang up notes and inspiration while still making it look stylish.

Next, I found a free printable calendar online from Studio DIY and hung up each month individually. I love this calendar because it gives me a big picture when planning and it also has those crazy wacky days of the year on it like National Donut Day and National Pizza Day which is a social media manager’s dream!

Lastly, we had some old artwork prints laying around the office so I hung those up above my intern’s desk and it’s super inspiring to look at while I am working. It helps keep me focused on the Lauren James brand.


Again, my office is very white. White walls. White desk. White chair. White everything. I added a fun blanket over the back of my chair for some color, but it’s also very functional when it gets super cold in the building. And of course, it’s pineapples!


A lot of my co-workers actually prefer to work with the overhead lights off and have the light come from the windows or lamps. That’s not how I roll because truthfully I will fall asleep, but I thought adding a lamp would be nice for something other than the harsh overhead lights. This ultra glam crystal lamp was perfect.


I am very much a type A person, so if things aren’t organized I go crazy. I found some really key pieces at Gordmans to help me get my work life back in order. This gold paper holder is perfect for those loose papers that I always need to have out but don’t want on my desk. This pineapple dish couldn’t be more perfect for holding thumbtacks and other miscellaneous items. I also wanted to get a basket to put my bags and my lunch box in. Before I was just putting my items on the floor or on the window seal, now they actually have a home, and at less than $10 this basket is perfect! Lastly, this gold tray is perfect for storing stickers, pens, notes and more. This tray was actually in the bathroom section designated for bathroom storage but is the perfect size for my desk.

Things That Make You Smile

Like I said you spend almost as much time at your office than you do at your home, so having things around you that make you smile and make your day better is important. For me, encouraging quotes and sayings do wonders for my mood. Having fun letter boards or notes really help lift my mood and in return make for a better work life.

I know not everyone has the luxury of decorating their office however they want but if you do I highly recommend it. Gordmans is the perfect place to grab all your office needs, because everything is very affordable, so if you move jobs or move offices you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of the items you bought.

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