One of the first things I fell in love with before we purchased our house three years ago was the side patio. Despite all of the things we immediately identified as projects for this house, the patio spaces and landscaping were not on that list. The previous owners did a fabulous job of defining the outdoor living areas which we absolutely love.

But when it comes to decorating those outdoor spaces, I am just now getting around to making my dreams for them a reality. I have teamed up with Gordmans to show you the end result and I’m so happy with how our side patio turned out!

I went into Gordmans knowing that I had $150 to spend. I also wanted to find pieces I could repurpose inside our home during the off-season. Because Gordmans is an off-price retailer, it the perfect place to shop the excess inventory from department and specialty stores but at Gordmans’ greatly reduced prices. It means any budget goes so much further.

The first thing I found was this darling, over-sized lantern. I love putting real or battery-powered candles in it to set the mood around our patio furniture.

Not far from the lantern I found these adorable turquoise, glass canisters. I added some rock filler with some small votive candles to really complete them. I love the beach vibes they lend to this summer space.

I like to literally bring the inside out and make it feel as much like an outdoor living room as possible. I saw this wood clock and knew it would help me accomplish just that. During the non-summer months I know it will easily find a home inside as well.

But no patio is complete without a matching set of planters. I found these and felt they blended the beach vibes with the overall farmhouse feel we have throughout our home.

I know I’ll be able to use these year after year and not get sick of the color or style.

We try to spend as much time outside as possible and it deserves as much attention to detail as any other part of our home. I’m so pleased with how it all looks and Gordmans really helped me take this space to the next level.

Now excuse me while I grab a glass of wine and get back to my patio. ?



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