Before I knew it Christmas was upon us, so to blink and have New Years suddenly be here is a bit of a mind blow for me. It always happens though, every single year. It really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. But needless to say, here I sit in 2018 and I have the same recurring urge to start this new year fresh, with good goals, and a clean-ish house, and an overall feeling of contentment. One thing that I always want to do in the New Year is purge the junk, get rid of the knick-knacks I don’t need, replace the worn out useless things, and replace the things that have been broken or need updating. But I always put it off.

That last little bit is the one that always gets me. I have lists upon lists of things that need updating, items that have been broken that I keep waiting to replace, or just plain old ugly things that have somehow lasted from my college days. As much as these all bother me, I just never seem to fix it. But this year I decided to ring in 2018 in right, by purging my house, and updating the old, worn out, broken, ugly things. Sounds easy enough right? But when you’ve just spent all that money on Christmas, the idea of going to an expensive department store just killed me, so I turned to my new favorite place to shop, Gordmans. Where I don’t have to spend big bucks to get designer items! Gordmans always brings in high quality brands and products and seriously a fraction of the cost that you would spend anywhere else. They are an off-price retailer, off-price retailers buy excess inventory from department and specialty stores, then sell it at a greatly reduced price! Heck yes in my opinion!

But back to my goal, replacing and updating. As you all know if you’ve followed me for a while, we moved into this house 2 years ago, and the living room was one room I was excited about. When we got here I found the prettiest things for the coffee table, a nice wooden tray, gorgeous vases, and a terrarium for some boxwood balls. But things went sour, the tray scratched the table, the terrarium was shattered by a two-year-old who shall not be named, and my love for the the mercury glass vases just faded. So for the last few months, we’ve had a not so nicely decorated coffee table that was in desperate need of a facelift.

I went to Gordmans with no idea what I was looking for, but I knew I needed to update the coffee table. I wanted something old-looking, yet chic, and fun. Something that would give my living room some life again. Well I couldn’t be more excited about what I found! First I found this round galvanized tray with a gold handle, give me all the trays please! I absolutely love them as accents on tables.  I’ve also always been one to LOVE books on tables, coffee table books for me please! But my adorable samoyed, Igloo is also a huge fan of books, of eating them that is. So books on tables aren’t really an option for me. But with this new tray that has some depth I can easily add books which he won’t be able to get to! Next I found this gorgeous gold galvanized lantern with incredible detailing on it, the gold matched the handle of the tray perfectly and I loved the direction it was all going. Next I found this iron sphere as an accent on top of the books I planned on placing in the tray, and to top it all off I found a wonderful stem vase held in an iron holder. All in all I couldn’t be happier with all of my finds and the new look my living room has.


Now onto my next “update” our end table lamps in our master bedroom. This has been on my to-do list for about 5 years now. When my husband and I started living together we were in an apartment with dark cherry wood everything… my tastes have changed since then. But to go with our dark furniture we acquired cheap end table lamps in a dark color. Onto our next home and my tastes were changing but would I buy a new set of lamps? No, so what did I do? I spray painted them. Great intent, but did I do a good job? No I am pretty sure I did the job in like 5 minutes and you could totally tell because it was not even coating and there were bubbles… everywhere.

So, out they go and in come my new finds! Gorgeous aqua glass lamps, perfect for the overall feel of our room. But I didn’t just want to throw a new lamp on the end table and call it good. I really wanted to add something personal, something with some depth to it. And it just so happened that for Christmas my husband got me these gorgeous hand calligraphed prints of our wedding vows in need of a gorgeous frame. In which Gordmans did not disappoint. Literally more frames than you can even imagine! I found two gorgeous weathered wood frames that matched our bedroom set, but weren’t too matchy-matchy, if you catch my drift. With those two simple updates to our end tables we have a new space in our room that I honestly cannot get over. There is nothing quite like falling in love with a little corner of your home.

So did I update everything in my home? No, but did I update some spaces that were in desperate need and save some money while doing it? Yes. I spent a total of $100 to update the coffee table, and our end tables. Can you even imagine how much I would have spent at a department store? Gordmans not only has amazing prices, but they also have something called their “Lowest Price Guarantee.” To make sure that they can give shoppers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item you found at Gordmans, Gordmans will match the competitors’ price and they will give you a $5 Gordmans gift card! As if I hadn’t already given you enough reasons to love them!

So now I will ring in 2018 with some beautiful new spaces in my home, the satisfaction of crossing some things on my list, and the comfort, for both me and my husband, of knowing I didn’t break the bank to do it! Now to decide what to update next! Oh, and to work on the rest of my list too… I guess.

What are some things in your home that are in desperate need of an update?

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