How was your weekend? Don’t they just fly by? I wish they could last forever! February just flew by too, I cannot believe it is already March. This past month was super busy for me, and it looks like March does not plan on slowing down either. One thing I am okay with going quickly is winter. Not sure when winter and I had a falling out, but y’all, I am over it. This girl needs some sunshine, and quick.

Even though March is fast approaching, it is still important we remember our new year goals! How are you doing on them? Some better then others? That’s okay! Keep trucking along and find your path. When I go back and look at my goals, I would have to say that I am not all that pleased with how I am doing. However, my goal in March is to find my goal path again and stay on track.

Goal #5 for me this year is to reach my goal weight and stay there! Currently, my workouts and “healthy” eating have been subpar at best, which is so frustrating because I feel motivated, well as least most of the time! I don’t know about you, but purchasing new workout clothes always makes me more motivated. But, even though I want to, I cannot drop $100 on a pair of leggings right now. I was getting really frustrated because all of the cute and durable pieces are always out of my budget.

But then, I went to Gordmans, I found durable and AFFORDABLE athletic wear! I picked up three pairs of leggings, a jacket, a long sleeve top, a bra, SHOES, and a water bottles for under $150! When I was shopping, I couldn’t stop finding cute pieces, so I tried them all on… and bought them all. When it comes to athletic wear, sizing can be tricky. You always want your yoga pants to fit a little snug so you don’t have to be adjusting them every 2 minutes.

I wore all of these pieces during a workout and they fit/feel great. Normally, I steer towards the home decor section at Gordmans, but I am so thankful I gave their clothing a chance. The price is unbeatable and the quality is still there. Sometimes when the pricing is so cheap, you worry about the quality of the pieces. I can definitely say that you do NOT have to worry about this with Gordmans. My new athletic gear will be lasting me a long time.

Besides running and going to Planet Fitness, I really, really, really, really enjoy barre classes. If you have yet to take a barre classes, I HIGHLY suggest that you try just one class! During barre classes, you are focusing on a lot of small movements. A year ago, I took two classes a week for about two months, and I totally felt great and noticed a difference. Unfortunately, with my unique work schedule, once I got into our busy season, I was not able to continue classes. Insert me talking and wishing I was at barre for ten months. Now insert me on Christmas Day waking up to a new at home barre set from my favorite roommates. Highly suggest purchasing this at home barre set if you enjoy the classes, but aren’t able to make it with your busy schedule.

Feeling comfortable and confident while working out, trying to complete those gains… I mean goals, is very important! With any fashion, you must feel 100% comfortable to feel 100% confident!

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