As a kid, the stocking was like the icing on the cake. We would run out of our rooms to a stash of goodies that Santa left. Totally unwrapped, in front of the fireplace. It was a free-for-all. And so much fun! We’d follow this madness up with gifts from mom and dad that were individually wrapped and opened one at a time. And then came the stocking!

In our house there were a few predictable things in our stocking…always! My mom believed in putting “necessities” in our stockings. Practical gifts. Which we were always thankful for! Because who doesn’t need a fresh pair of panties, or socks, or your favorite dry shampoo! Stuff that you hated to spend your own money on throughout the year! She would even put in a bottle of shampoo or conditioner or deodorant. Things that you will always need more of. And when we would run out, we were super thankful to have that backup bottle in the bathroom cabinet. And don’t get me wrong, there was also ALWAYS candy and a few “for fun” items…and sometimes a little cash ?

And now as the person stuffing the stockings, I personally think its a TON of fun. There is so much you can do with a stocking. You can do a themed stocking. Or even stash a higher ticket item for a nice surprise!

If you’re in need of stocking stuffers, Gordmans is the place to go! They have ALL of your bases covered. Fun gifts. Practical gifts. Affordable gifts. Luxury gifts. Small gifts. and big gifts. They’ve got it all!

Thanks to Gordmans, this is a sneak peek at our stockings…


Books – a book is a cross between a practical and a fun gift. What mom doesn’t love to see her kids read.

Dolls – if you can find a small doll, this is the perfect place to put it. Hudson will be getting her first soft babydoll this year.

Girly things – hairbows, nail polish, chapstick, toy makeup. All of these things are fun little things to stuff in a stocking.

Practical gifts – everyone in our family will get socks in their stocking! (just going with tradition here ? But hats, gloves, and scarfs are a great thing to add to a stocking. And if you can find a cute one with ears, your kid will think its pretty cool too.

Toys – a toy is what every kid REALLY wants to see in their stocking. So I try to put at least one in there. Hudson will get a little noise making toy and Parker will get thee Water Wow books! They are our “go to” for restaurants and airports.

Ornaments – another tradition my mom started. Each year we would get an ornament. Which as a kid didn’t mean much. But it was nice to have a box of ornaments ready for my first Christmas tree once I went off to college.


Practical gifts – I told yall…everyone is getting socks. ha ha. Socks and new underwear are the perfect thing to stuff in a dads stocking. If he’s a business man, get him a fun pair of dress socks. In our case, this dad is getting a pair of warm wool socks for hunting!

Work related gifts – if your man is a business man, this is the perfect place to put a pair of cuff links, a new personalized money clip, or even a new tie.

Coffee mug – who doesn’t love a LARGE coffee mug! Tom loves large ceramic coffee mugs. This or a travel thermos or water bottle makes a great stocking stuffer.

Favorite products – put some of dads favorite products in a stocking. Like his favorite hair gel, or shave cream. Or even a new pair of headphones. Its always nice to have a backup bottle of body wash or even deodorant. Things that he uses on a daily basis.

Luxury gifts – a stocking is also a nice place to stash a higher end gift. Typically someone isn’t expecting it which makes it a nice surprise. A new wallet, a bottle of cologne, or a nice watch are all higher end gifts that fit nicely into a stocking.


Practical gifts – again…socks! Moms favorite sports bra or a pair of panties are also nice every day items to stuff into a stocking.

Beauty essentials – this is a great time to give mom all that she uses in her daily routine. Her favorite night cream, deodorant, dry shampoo. All of these things are nice to have extras of when you run out.

Relaxing gifts – give mom the gift of a bubble bath. You could put a new book and a set of bath bombs in her stocking.

Luxury gifts – mom would never complain to find a higher ticket item in her stocking. Of course a box of jewelry fits perfectly into a stocking ? but also perfume, a new leather wallet, or even a pair of nice sunglasses


And who doesn’t love a stocking for your favorite furry friend! The best part is…they don’t complain about what they get ?


Merry Christmas


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