We’ve all been there, right? Overwhelmed, stressed, and just in a rut. Being an entrepreneur I find myself overworking, taking minimal breaks, and stressing over a lot of things. It can be overwhelming knowing the success of your business truly rely on the work that you put in. Some days I wonder if I did enough, and that can become a toxic. With all of those things aside, I really do love being an entrepreneur and having my own business. It has given me the freedom to explore the world, meet amazing people, and seek a happiness that I hadn’t had before. I have learned so much about myself and others. I am so thankful for this journey thus far and so excited for what is to come. The support that I have been shown this year has been nothing short of pure bliss. I just wanted to share some things that I have learned in hopes to encourage others along this journey.

Long days turn into long nights almost effortlessly. You want your business to succeed, so you work your ass off. I know how easy it can be to say you will only work for another hour or two, but hours later, you’re still there, working away. Working hard is definitely not a negative thing, however like most things too much of one thing can be toxic at times. Working with so many entrepreneurs I have seen an underling issue that has really taken a toll on a lot of us. For some of us its so hard to step away. It can almost seem impossible. Emails/messages are flooding in, deadlines are always approaching. We have that need to keep working to prove to ourself we can do it, and thats great. But one thing we cannot do, is loose yourself in the process. We often put our needs on the back burner, because we want our business to succeed. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we do this. My biggest advice that I can tell you is to, please, for your sanity, take breaks. Whether thats walking to get a coffee, reading something, spending time with friends, someone you love… I promise, it is so beneficial to your mental success. Step away for a couple minutes, and clear your head.

Recently, I took a week long trip with my boyfriend to Arizona. We hiked 24 miles through the Grand canyon. During that week, we disconnected. We lived in the moment. I cannot tell you enough how good it felt to truly disconnect. Having those moments together really showed me how important life is, and how little everything else can be. There are so many moments I feel so stressed and so overwhelmed because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I have come to realize that at the end of the day, you can only do so much. And that is OKAY. We tend to make life so much more than it really is.

I know that escaping for a week isn’t exactly practical for everyday life. But all i know is that sometimes the little things are far bigger than the big things. So take some time. Make sure to rest. Find moments to relax, ease your mind from life’s business, make sure to enjoy the moment, and keep kicking ass! Here’s to another day!

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