1. Brainstorming colors and theme

First things first, finding what theme you want. I chose to go with a boho themed setting on the floor.  Because I live in a 1,050sf apartment, my dining area does not have enough space. My living room is spacious enough so I chose to set up there. I had Surge pick up a wooden board he cut at The Home Depot to fit six people. The board was placed on top of my coffee table and I used all my lace table covers from my wedding to cover the wood for a vintage/boho look. I went to Grodmans  and found all of the cute bottles. As you can see, I went with a color scheme as well. There we so many cute options to choose from so I bought blue, pink, orange, green and white. These bottles were so affordable and they are such a great piece to add to any table decor. I will definitely be using these for parties in the future and to decorate my apartment with. I also bought pillows to go with the boho theme, some white, cream and a couple of pink ruffle ones.  Gordmans has such an amazing selection of pillows as well. To keep it simple, I added greenery I purchased rom Trader Joes. They have a great selection of flowers and are super affordable. I also used all of my plants around my home as part of the decor. I scattered them around the room to make it look like we were in Palm Springs. Haha! I also picked up a few larger dishes from Gordmans to display all the food. It’s totally possible to make a cute and effortless brunch in an apartment.

2. Rugs and layering

I used the rug I have in my living room and layered it with fur throws (a couple I found at Gordnams). I layered them to make it look cozy as well as for comfort when we sit on the floor. If you plan on hosting your party on the floor like I did, be sure to layer rugs and use pillows. Keep in mind at least two pillows per person. I had a total of six girls and there was room for two more people, if needed.

3. Make A List

After planning our the decor and finding the perfect setting for your brunch, make a list of what foods you want to make. I chose to keep it simple. Here are the foods I had for the brunch.

  • Fruit: Watermelon, pineapple, grapes, honeydew, and strawberry.
  • Protein: I baked an egg casserole that had eggs, bacon, shredded potatoes and all my favorite veggies.
  • Carbs: I ordered croissants at a local bakery and picked them up before the party.
  • Greens: I made a simple arugula salad with cucumber, tomatoes, mozzarella balls and onions.

A little tip that saved me time the day of the brunch: I prepped and cut everything up the night before and in the morning I put everything together. This saved me about an hour or so because cutting all the little things can be time consuming. I also decorated the night before that way I could focus on cooking. l had plenty time to set everything out, get myself ready and even enjoy my coffee for 20 minutes before all the guests started arriving. It’s also nice to be able to hangout with your guests when they arrive. After all, that’s what hosting is all about right?

Those are all my fun tips on how to plan a brunch. A special thanks to Gordmans for literally saving my butt. They have a great selection of home decor, clothing and lots more to help plan a last minute party on a budget. I found so many amazing things, as you can tell in all the photos. Sorry, I couldn’t just post five photos. Haha! I hope this makes it easier for you to plan your next brunch.

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