Dear Husband,

Life has been going nonstop for us lately.  Some days, it’s like we’re two ships passing in the night so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you. In between school functions, work, travel plans, appointments, and extracurricular activities, there isn’t much time (or energy) left at the end of the day for us.

Still, even in the midst of this crazy life, I see you.

I see the long hours and late nights you put in everyday to provide for our family.  I know it can be draining both mentally and physically.  But no matter what kind of day you’ve had, no matter how tired your are, you always step through that door with the biggest smile on your face and for that, I appreciate you.

I know most of your weekends are no longer free, not because you’re sleeping in or out hanging with the guys.  It’s because they’re packed with classes, work functions, or travel.  I know it’s a sacrifice you make so our girls can have a bright future and for that, I am beyond grateful.

I see the way you love, protect, and teach our girls and it makes me gush inside!  Even with your limited time, you make each minute count with them and I know they adore you for that.  They always look forward to ice cream dates with you, even if they give you a hard time because they talk about it all day long when you’re at work.  And if you didn’t already know, Marli always says how handsome you are, that wants to marry you, and brags to her friends that her Daddy is a doctor who helps people with “booboos.”  As for Matea (aka your mini me), she won’t even let me near you. Ha!  If that isn’t a sign of how much they love you, I don’t know what is.  Really though, you have grown into such an amazing father and for that, I love you so much.

On this Father’s Day, I hope you know how much you mean to us. I see everything that you do for our family and your hard work never goes unnoticed.  You are our rock, baby!

I know you’re a man who doesn’t need or ask for much, but we’re hoping these gifts from Gordmans will come in handy for all your business + traveling needs. I recently purchased some items for myself HERE and knew I this would be a great option to shop for affordable Father’s Day gifts.

“Basic” gifts get such a bad rap, but in all honesty, practical gifts tend to be the most useful ones!  Who couldn’t use nice casual shirts, more socks, ties, a nice wallet, and body spray?  These are everyday essentials any dad (or guy in general) would find useful.

Marli helped me pick out the red shirt with matching socks.  She knows how much you love dogs.  I love that we were able to find some great brands you already wear like Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis, Happy Socks, and Dockers.  Plus, every item is discounted up to 80% so each piece was less than $20!

But, wait! Matea wanted to share a few more Father’s Day gifts for all your traveling needs.

This rolling duffel bag is the perfect packing accessory whether you’re going for an overnight stay or week-long trip and has so many compartments to store all your clothing. Matea did squeeze herself in there if you ever decide to take her on any of your trips.  The Ralph Lauren neck pillow will come in handy for those long flights and of course I couldn’t forget the snacks.  Lastly, I loved all the tech gadgets Gordmans had, but I got this one because it charges electronics super fast + it doubles as a nightlight.

We’ve been big fans of Gordmans since they opened in mid-March in Rosenberg, TX.  If you’re still looking for any last minute Father’s Day gift ideas, this store will have something for Dad.  They carry an ever-changing selection of fashion + home décor pieces at super affordable, discounted prices. Their inventory is always on trend with the latest styles of the season so you’ll never run out of things to shop for. Whether he’s sports fanatic, globetrotter, suit-and-tie kinda man, tech-savy guy, or handyman, Gordmans has you covered.

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