Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a cheap date on Valentine’s Day. Need ideas on what to wear and what to do without having to spend a pretty penny? We’ve got your back.

There’s also nothing wrong with not having a date, which is why we include ways to look like a million bucks and have a blast with your besties if you celebrate Galentine’s Day (February 13) instead of V-Day.

Dress the part

If you’re going on a fancy date or if you just fancy looking fancy, opt for a classic (and super flattering) red dress, cute black heels and a simple clutch. Trust us, he’ll swoon.

For a casual date or quality time with your gals, a pair of trendy destructed jeans with a cute top and booties is the perfect choice.

Not sure what the day has in store? Opt for an outfit that can be dressed up or down, and that can look flirty or fun. And a couple pops of red never hurt anyone.

Our stylist Zoe found all of these outfits at Gordmans for way less than you’d think. Imagine what you’ll find!

Cheap things to do with your Val

  • Trivia night – Show your date how smart you are by attending a trivia night at a local bar or restaurant (Google places in your area). A lot of places even have themed nights, like sports or pop trivia. All it’ll cost you (or your date) is a couple of drinks or snacks—and your pride if you lose.
  • Ghost tour – If you have an appreciation for the eerie, most towns have tours of houses and buildings that are thought to be haunted. You can usually find a local deal that makes it under $20 a person. Plus, it’s the perfect choice if you want an excuse to hang on to your date.
  • Karaoke – There’s no better way to break the ice on a date than to make fools of yourselves singing on stage. Seriously though, there’s no chance of not having fun when you let loose and sing a silly duet. And it typically only costs the price of a drink at a karaoke bar.

Cheap things to do with your Gal

  • BYOB painting class – These are popping up everywhere and they’re perfect for a Galentine’s date. It’s sort of like art class when you were a kid, but with alcohol added. You can usually reserve your spots online. Just try to get in early because they tend to fill up fast.
  • Game night – Playing board games is so much more fun when no boys are allowed. There’s no one to have to impress with your smarts and no one to have to pretend to lose to. All you need is a place to meet, some fun grown-up board games and, of course, food and drinks. You can also turn the tables on the boys and monopolize the TV all night playing video games with your girls.
  • Dessert potluck – What better time to stuff yourself with sweets than when you’re with your gal pals? Everyone can bring their own dessert (homemade or store bought) and you will all be free to satisfy your sweet tooth without fear of judgment!

No matter if you’re hanging with your beau or your bestie, sharing the love doesn’t have to be expensive. After all, it’s less about how you look and what you do, and more about who you’re with.