Wardrobe For Teachers:
How To Create 12 Outfits With 10 Stylish Pieces

August 17, 2017

You’re all set to make it your best year ever! But, will your school style follow suit? Follow our guide below to keep your daily looks professional, yet comfortable AND on-point. We’ve pulled together 10 easy, versatile pieces to mix and match for 12 stylish days of teaching. And here’s the best part: each outfit (sans the shoes, handbags and other accessories) costs less than $100. Now that’s the kind of math we can wrap our heads around!


The 10 pieces included in our capsule:

  1. Dress
  2. Woven top with roll-up sleeves
  3. 3/4-sleeve knit cardigan
  4. Colored skinny jean
  5. Patterned tank
  6. Long-sleeve flyaway sweater cardigan
  7. Pencil skirt
  8. Crocheted cardigan
  9. High-low hem top
  10. 3/4-sleeve knit top

Who has time to ponder every day’s outfit? These 12 will help you dress and head out the door in a heartbeat – saving you time and money.

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