We wanted to call it a top 20 list (because Gordmans is just THAT fabulous), but our mean editor made us shorten it to 10. So with apologies to Mr. Letterman, here are our top 10 reasons to fall in love Gordmans.

1. bigger deals + smaller prices = heck, yeah!

At Gordmans, you’ll find the same name-brands that all the stuffy department stores offer, but for way less. We’re similar to TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshalls, but Gordmans has a cooler name an advantage these stores don’t. Gordmans is owned by Stage Stores, a more traditional department store (not one of the stuffy ones), so they leverage the strengths of both Gordmans and Stage to create a sort of “best of both worlds” situation. The deal is, a lot of their merchandise is bought from manufacturers that produce too much and department stores that overbuy it. Then, a bunch of smart math people negotiate deals on the leftovers, and the savings are passed on to guests.

2. truckloads of treasures

Semi-trailer truckloads, to be exact. Every Gordmans store receives two to three of these babies loaded with fresh merchandise every week. There is so much cool stuff on these trucks, we don’t even know what’s on ‘em (kidding, we know exactly what’s on them). The products vary by store based on the region, which makes sense, so merchandise available in one store may be different than another. This is when you can score something completely unexpected at an amazing price!

3. the circle of savings

Style Circle Rewards is not a German hip-hop dance show. It’s a super chill club for people that love to save money. Members earn 1 point for every dollar spent — earn 100 points and you get a $5 reward. The rewards are good on almost anything in the store (seriously!). It’s kinda like getting paid to shop. Members also receive a $10 birthday gift on their special day. Another cool thing about the rewards is that you can use them at every store in the Stage community (Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage) and at stage.com. It’s also free and easy to join — just give ‘em your phone number at the register!

4. holding all the cards

Gordmans credit cardholders are the superstars of savings. They earn double points every day with their store card — four times a year they earn double-double points (4 points for every dollar spent). It’s a regular points-a-palooza. Cardholders also get free coconut cream pies every Monday (that’s not true…just making sure you’re still paying attention). Lastly, Gordmans credit cards are good at any store in the Stage community and at stage.com.

5. the lowdown on markdowns

As if the prices weren’t low enough already…each week there are clearance markdowns on specific categories of merchandise (mind blown!). The amount of these markdowns is based on inventory levels, ultimately decided by the bigwigs at the corporate office. Savvy shoppers look for these markdowns and pounce on them, so you gotta move fast!

6. the giftiest of gift cards

Is “giftiest” a word? Well, if it’s not, it should be. Gift cards are available for purchase in all Gordmans stores in any denomination. They never expire, there are no fees, and you can redeem them at all Gordmans stores, and any store in the Stage community (that’s over 600 stores nationwide) and at stage.com. See? They’re the giftiest!

7. hey, gordmans, shoot me a text!

Gladys is cool if you call her on the help line, but texts are so much easier. When you sign up to receive texts from Gordmans, you won’t miss all the deals and amazing new finds. Just text GORDMANS to 37377 to sign up — you’ll instantly get 20% off a single item, good on almost anything in the store!

8. boring return policy info

Just kidding – nothing about Gordmans is boring. We doubt you’ll want to return anything, but if something is not quite right, Gordmans will gladly accept the return of most merchandise within 60 days of purchase. *Ok, this legal blah blah blah is boring. Items must be unused, with the original tags attached, and be in the original box and/or packaging. If merchandise is marked as “Final Sale,” no exchange or refund will be permitted for that merchandise.* Whew! Glad that’s over with.

9. gordmans is all about fun!

Saving money is always fun, and Gordmans definitely brings the fun when you shop. Plus, associates are soooo friendly and ready to help, and are always super stoked when someone scores an awesome deal. The advertising reflects these fun vibes with tongue-in-cheek, whimsical messages and imagery. To see some of this snarky goodness (and to always stay in the know about new, fun finds), sign up to receive emails right on our website!

10. what’s the plan, (gord)man?

Gordmans is en fuego! If you haven’t already heard, all of our existing Stage stores will be converted to Gordmans by the end of 2020. That’s OVER 700 STORES—and tons more opportunities to get brands you expect at prices you don’t. Stay tuned to see if you’ll be getting a super-fun-super-cool-super-awesome Gordmans in your town soon!