Spring travel absolutely gives me life! Since winter is so long and cold here in Michigan having some spring travel on the horizon definitely helps me get through.  This year we are lucky enough to get away in February for a short trip to bridge the gap for our upcoming spring break in April. When my husband and I first got married and when we had small kids we rarely traveled, but now that we are more established with older kids we try to get out of town as much as we are able.  Over the past few years I’ve become SO much better at travel. Today I am partnering with Gordmans to talk about my 5 spring travel must-haves.

If you haven’t checked out a Gordmans in your area yet – I highly suggest visiting one soon! They have such amazing deals and I was awestruck by their amazing travel gear at REALLY great prices… wait until you hear what I spent on this gorgeous navy rolling suitcase. You will never believe.  Gordmans is an off-price retailer that stocks home goods, travel necessities, mens, womens and kids fashion and everything in between at amazing prices.  To find a store near you or sign up for their rewards program – click here!

5 Spring Travel Must-haves

1. An oversized scarf or small blanket. Why are airplanes so cold? I mean I get cold jet bridges and cold airplanes first thing in the morning, but often times on flights I will be shivering the ENTIRE way. Lesson learned. I now travel with either a really oversized scarf or a small blanket to keep warm.  That and ordering hot tea every time the beverage cart comes by makes a cold flight bearable! I found this lightweight but oh so cozy cream chenille blanket at Gordmans that is PERFECT for travel.  It’s light as a feather and was under $25 at my local Gordmans. It will for sure be going in my carry-on for the next flight!

2. A (empty) water bottle. Our airport now has a water filling station right after security. How cool is that? You should call your airport or check next time you are there if they have one as well.  I pack an empty water bottle and fill it up right after security to avoid the $4 bottles of water at the airport magazine shop.  That way I can down a bottle of water while I’m waiting for my flight and fill it up and have another on hand for the duration of the flight. I’m constantly thirsty on a usual day… so this saves me a ton of money!  I found this cool water bottle for only $8 on my recent Gordmans adventure. Plus I love this slim size to fit in the pouch in front of you on a flight.

3. Over the ear headphones.  You guys, spring travel is the number one travel season for families.  You know what that means… crying babies on flights.  The most cringe worthy part of travel! Of course I feel terrible for those moms that are enduring flights with babies – that is no easy feat at all. I remember flying only a handful of times with my son when he was very small and being terrified that he would start crying and not stop. It’s so tough for those little littles on flights.  But since my kids are so far past that stage I need a good pair over the ear headphones to help block out the noise.  This fun goal pair was a mere $17! Nice!

4. A nice big suitcase.  This girl does NOT travel light. I can never manage a carry-on bag so I go BIG when I look at suitcases. The selection at Gordmans right now for suitcases is incredible! Black, gold, pink, white – you name it, they have these super practical hard sided rolling suitcases in ALL sizes and colors. This HUGE navy version was only $60. Can you believe that!? And it fits SO much stuff in it. I can’t wait to use it!  If big suitcases aren’t your thing – hey I get that – they have tons of carry on options, again, in so many fun colors.

5. Packing cubes. Okay these are a recent obsession of mine. What are packing cubes? They are simply small zippered pouches that fit in your suitcase to make it more organized. And organization is kind of my thing.  I love that this set of three (only $20) is perfect for separating shoes, intimates, dirty laundry, or would be great for keeping your toddlers or babies clothes separate from yours in your suitcase.

What are some of your favorite travel necessities? I would love to hear!

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