Summer break is upon us and even though your kiddos are ecstatic, we all know it will be approximately one week before you hear the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” Sure, you can set limits on screen time to help keep your littles off the couch. But then what do you do next? Here are our top picks for active summer fun.

Go for a bike ride

Strap on a helmet and get peddling! Whether you pick a destination near or far, a bike ride of any length is a fun summer activity. Cruise to the local ice cream shop, take a leisurely ride along the local bike trail or roll on over to your closet friend or relative’s house for a visit. Involve your kids in the preparation by having them help map the route beforehand.

Get splashy

When the temps soar, cool off by hitting the waves–what kind is up to you! Set up a sprinkler or play with water balloons in the backyard, take a mini-road trip to a nearby beach or lake or sign up for a pass to your local community pool or waterpark.

Have a dance party

Indoors or outdoors, this one is fun for all ages: Just crank the music and bust your best moves! Have your kiddos create the playlist beforehand by electing their favorite songs and putting them in order for the party’s beginning, middle and end.

Discover a new playground

If your whole crew has grown tired of your local playground, plot a trip to a new one in an area you’ve never been to before. Discovering a new set of slides, swings and playtime friends is sure to make a usual activity more of an adventure.

Make an obstacle course

Challenge your children to create their own obstacle course with toys and gear that’s hanging around the house. For example, you might jump rope for 1 minute, hula hoop 50 times in a row, complete a full game of hopscotch and then balance a frisbee on your head while standing on one foot …. the options are only limited to your imagination, really!

Step up and volunteer

Volunteering your time for a local cause is a great way to get out of the house and stay active. You can walk dogs at your local animal shelter, sort donations at a food bank or walk in a famly 5K to raise money for an organization with a cause that you care about.

>What are your tried-and-true ways to keep your kids moving during the summer? Share in the comments below! And when you’re spending time outside, don’t forget to keep your skin safe from the sun.

Ways to keep kids active in summer!

Summer fun ideas for kids!