If you were to list out my love languages, organization and cleaning would definitely make the list. While our master bed and bath weren’t quite what we wanted when we moved in, this closet was one of the best things! For a strangely shaped space, the previous owners definitely took advantage of this space in a great way. However, it turned into kind of a mess once we got in there and the fashion blogger’s closet took over. So I partnered with Gordmans to make this mess an organizer’s happy place.

Here are the before pictures of our stuff taking over:

Not incredibly terrible but just cramped and not working. First up, I needed to implement a serious closet overhaul; meaning serious purge ya’ll. I combed through everything I had (plus the hubs-shhhh) and donated/sold anything I hadn’t worn recently, didn’t like, didn’t fit etc.

One of my main goals for this reorganization was to have all matching hangers. I first came up with the idea to have all of my clothes on matching hangers and all of the hubs on matching ones as well. I had to point that out to him, but I’m sure he was just as excited about his hangers matching as I was ?. I stocked up on velvet hangers from Gordman’s. My favorite hack that I implemented in the beginning of my blogging days was using kid’s velvet hangers. Two reasons why I love kid’s sized hangers: 1) they don’t mess up the sleeves by being too big for long sleeve tops, and 2) they take up less space. This worked great because it’s a little tight in those first two closet bays where the hubs and I both have clothes hanging.

I also learned while shopping at Gordman’s there’s actually two sizes for “kids” hangers: baby/toddler and kids size. Most of mine are the baby/toddler size because most of the kids ones I found weren’t that much smaller than the adult size. I did purchase some of the regular sized velvet ones for my blazers and jackets that I like to keep the shoulder structure for. If you need new hangers, Gordman’s is the place to go. You could get 25 velvet hangers for $9.99 and I think I got 18 of the baby/toddler sized ones for $4.99. If you’ve looked at Target or the Container Store you could blow your clothing budget on just hangers alone!

If you notice in the before pictures, hats were definitely an issue and needed containing. I’m for sure a hat lover and the hubs has recently found a love of ball caps as well. I picked up these cute copper wire baskets to hold them in. I like these for the style (duh, they’re cute) but also because they were see through so you could easily pick out which hat you wanted!

You might see that little belt hanger poking out, I picked up that little guy as well. I still needed a solution for belts and hats that weren’t as easily organized. The solution? Command hooks. I seriously think the 3M products might solve most of the world’s problems. I used them to hang belts that don’t have typical buckles on them and to hang my larger hats-plus I think it kind of looks fun!

Now let’s talk purses. Like I said before first thing I did was purge. So that eliminated some of my issues. But, this girl still likes purses. I put all of them in dust bags to keep them nice (even if it doesn’t look the best) and then I used a desk paper organizer to hold up my clutches.

There ya have it! Overall I think this closet overhaul was definitely necessary and turned out great for what we needed!

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