Summer vacation is having it’s last gasp, and you’re starting to hear those dreaded words from your kiddos: “I’m boooored.” Before you threaten to put them to work scrubbing toilets, inspire their summer play with this bag of tricks.


Stuck inside on a rainy day? Assemble a good old-fashioned fort with chairs, pillows and blankets. Or set up a ready-made teepee and play a card or board game inside.

>>Canvas Teepee, $59.99

>>Finding Dory Guess Who, $16.99

>>Shopkins UNO Game, $5.99


Channel your artsy side with sidewalk murals. Encourage your kiddos to draw out your hometown or a garden in bloom, or to sketch their own waterpark or roller coaster. Or channel your competitive side by drawing hopscotch, four square or tic-tac-toe.

>>2 Holder Frozen Chalk Set, $2.49


When temps are soaring, head outside and cool down with water toys. Launchers and rapid fillers make the summertime classic of water balloons that much easier and more fun. To up the ante from your usual water guns, look for water tag sets to add an extra element of competition.

>>Water Tag Set, $19.99

>>Rapid Fill Balloon Pumper with 250 Balloons, $8.99

>>Bunch of Balloons and Launcher, $12.99


Recruit your little ones to dig into the garden with you. Plant flowers in a hanging basket, pull weeds from your flower bed or harvest produce from your vegetable garden together. Or assemble a fairy garden with the help of super-cute miniatures.

>>Minnie Mouse Shovel, $2.99

>>Cars Toy Rake, $1.99

>>Leafy Fairy House Statue, $12.99


Sometimes a new prop can inspire an entire afternoon of make believe. Bestow a wand upon your fairy prince or princess or furnish a toy safe with alarm for modern-day spin on cops and robbers.

>>Disney Frozen Wand, $1.99

>>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Shell, $14.99

>>Steel Safe with Alarm Toy, $16