Summer is the season for music festivals and beach weddings, and the first question on everyone’s mind is, “What do I WEAR?!”

No need to panic. Festival hopping? All you have to do is follow the Gordmans fest code and you’ll be dancing like nobody’s watching and saving like nobody’s business.

Invited to a different summer wedding every week? No sweat. We’re gathered here today to make sure you’ll save money while never being seen in the same outfit.

festival on the fringe

Fringe has been a fashion do at music festivals since Woodstock. For you young whippersnappers, that was the festival that started it all in 1969. Boho chic is still big at summer fests. You can’t go wrong in a retro ‘70s patchwork fringe vest (just 6.99 at Gordmans!), comfy and cool sleeveless top, and “I refuse to ever go out of style” cutoff denim shorts.

Let’s talk shoes. Yes, it’s gonna be hot, but take our advice and don’t wear sandals or flip-flops. One word: mud. A better idea is a pair of inexpensive, yet comfortable, booties. The ones in our outfit are around $20 at Gordmans and have an open weave and open toe to make them breathable. And don’t forget your shades!


full-on festival

Part of the fun of dressing for music festivals is that there are really no rules. Not to say there aren’t some practical fashion ideas, you can truly let your imagination run as wild as that one drummer in that one band. If you’re not afraid to break out of your comfort zone, you could go with a bikini top (oh, hey, you can get an entire two-piece suit for 4.98 at Gordmans right now), destructed denim shorts and a flowy kimono.

Keep the funky fun going with combat boots or a sweet pair of hi-tops. Protect your head and look ridiculously cool by rocking a fedora. Keep your sunscreen, shades and lip balm in a mini backpack or fanny pack (they’re totes in again).

just beachy
You get to go to a beach wedding? Lucky! That means you can go way more casual and comfortable. It’s really just about finding a balance. You don’t want to outshine the bride, but you also don’t want to look like you’re going to a BBQ.

Our advice? Start with an adorable floral dress from Gordmans for under $25. You want to avoid white because, well, that’s for the bride, and black because who wears black to the beach? Add a cute pair of flip-flops or sandals (under $12 at Gordmans right now) that have a bit of bling. Don’t wear heels, girl! You’ll sink into the sand and will have to take them off anyway. Top it off with a cute clutch and floral or shell earrings. Keep your makeup minimal and glowing. Congratulations! We now pronounce you a summer wedding bargain shopper!

fiercely fancy

Some brides aren’t too keen about getting sand in their hair during their wedding so they opt for a garden or indoor summer wedding instead. Check the invitation, but in most cases this means you should dress just a tad more fancy than you would for a beach wedding. But going too fancy would be not so summery.

You can stick to a simple floral dress (did we mention they’re under $25 at Gordmans?) and glam it up with a cute pair of heels (opt for wedges if you’ll be on grass) and a blinged out clutch. You can go a little heavier on the makeup, but don’t go dark or you run the risk of looking fall on the face and summer on the bod. We’d like to propose a toast to saving money and looking fab!

Whether you’re going festival or fancy, you can get everything you need to look hot and stay cool at Gordmans. And at our prices, you can afford to get a different outfit for every summer event. Now go get shopping, sunshine!