I started my coffee drinking journey back in September with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and 6 months later I would now consider myself a full-fledged coffee drinker. I don’t know why I haven’t drunk coffee sooner, it has seriously made so much more productive in the mornings and definitely put a boost in my step.

I decided to make this conscious decision to like coffee because I HATE the mornings…like HATE the mornings. I feel like a lot of people started drinking coffee in college, but because I hate the mornings I did everything I could to not have class before 10 AM. Then I typically came back in the afternoon and took a nap. Since I strategically planned my schedule in college around sleep I never really needed coffee.

Postgrad, I’ve always had flexible jobs where I could get in around 9 AM. If I was especially tired I would just reach for a soda because I love Dr. Pepper.

Fast forward to September, I just really wanted to see what all the hype was about. Call me basic. ? I got my first PSL and was hooked. I loved how it tasted and I was so productive at work with the boost of coffee. After my first week of PSLs, my husband sat me down and said: “I love you and I know you love Starbucks, but you can’t spend $40 a week on coffee.” I started to explore McDonald’s because it was so much cheaper and tasted the same.

A few weeks ago I began to explore the Keurig at work and boy oh boy I’m addicted. I started using the one at the work daily and even several times a day. I then decided I wanted to commit and get a Keurig for my house, but Keurigs can be expensive, so I headed to Gordmans to ensure I could the best deal.


Y’all know I am a Gordmans Gal. This Keurig typically retails for $150, but at Gordmans I was able to get the Keurig 2 boxes of K Cups, a cute mug and some flavored syrup for $150. Gordmans have something called their “Lowest Price Guarantee.” To make sure that they can give shoppers the lowest possible price, if you find a lower price somewhere else on any item you found at Gordmans, they will match the competitors’ price and they will give you a $5 Gordmans gift card!

They also told me something interesting about their Lowest Price Guarantee. They want to offer their shoppers the lowest possible prices on merchandise, so they watch their competitors’ prices and adjust their prices to beat them. But with their huge assortment of merchandise, sometimes they don’t catch every item. So, they actually use their Lowest Price Guarantee program as a “flag.” When you use the Lowest Price Guarantee, they are alerted and they’ll work on lowering the price on the item you price-matched. Pretty cool! All you have to do is show the competitor’s current ad, website or a receipt featuring an identical item, and Gordmans will match the price, plus they’ll give you a $5 Gordmans gift card. To learn more about this program, visit their website.

I think I started drinking coffee at the perfect time because when we were taking our dog out in the middle night and my recent promotion at work, coffee couldn’t have come a better time. I never want to become completely reliant on coffee, but I still really enjoy the boost it gives me.

Don’t get me wrong I still drink pretty much half coffee half creamer and A LOT of sugar, but I’m making progress and I love having it in the mornings.

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