There’s nothing like your little girl looking up to you and wanting to be more like Mommy. She’s been trying on your shoes and playing princess with your jewelry since she was a toddler. Now that she’s a little older, she insists on looking even more like you. While that makes your heart melt a little, you’re not crazy about the idea of her dressing too old for her age. And even though you wouldn’t mind fitting into some of her clothes (let’s be honest – that sequined llama sweatshirt of hers is awwwesooome), you’re a bit too old to dress like her.

So here are some simple, sweet ways to get mommy & me looks that are adorable and age appropriate. And you can get all of them from Gordmans for less!

trendy touches
If she loves your sequined sweater, but you’d rather not find tiny sequins all over the carpet from her rolling around on it, opt for a top with just a taste of sequins to match your glitz. Add a pair of cute booties with the perforated leather trend to match even more!

For her: Jessica Simpson sweatshirt, 8.99; Kenneth Cole booties, 24.99

For you: rhinestone sweater with cami, 3.99; VIGOSS studded jeans, 14.99; Very G booties, 19.99; rhinestone earrings, 5.99

pretty in pink (and grey)
Once she saw you wear a grey sweater over that flowy pink jumpsuit, she HAD to have an outfit just like yours. But finding a gaucho leg jumpsuit in her size? Not easy. Plus, you don’t want to take away her little girl-ness. A sparkly skirt with a unicorn sweater will work just fine! Oh, she’ll want to wear booties, too, just like you. Only hers have to have GLITTER, of course!

For her: unicorn dress & toile skirt set, 14.99; Nichole Miller glitter booties, 22.99

For you: knit jumpsuit, 12.99; loose knit sweater, 12.99; studded boots, 12.99; XOXO bangles set, 7.99; crystal earrings, 5.99

Fuzzy wuzzy looks to wear
Who doesn’t love a super cozy fuzzy jacket?! She wants yours, but, um, no – sorry, that’s all Mom’s. Yours fits more like a blanket on her anyway, and is a bit too grownup. And while you love wearing your jacket with your fave leggings, you’re not quite ready for her to work the faux leather. Jeans will do! When you both add a pair of black booties and throw your hair up into high ponies, you’re practically twinning!

For her: fuzzy hoodie jacket, 19.99; embroidered unicorn jeans, 12.99; black booties, 22.99

For you: faux fur coat, 49.99; Zac & Rachel vegan leather leggings, 16.99; designer top, 10.99; Very G booties, 19.99