You have a secret language. You’ve borrowed, (and probably ruined) items from her closet on multiple occasions. You’ve cried until unattractive red splotches appeared all over your face and she still told you that you were beautiful. You’ve fought over who got to take the car out on Friday night…and who got stuck with Mom’s Chrysler Minivan. You’ve bolstered each other up in life goals, love gone wrong and long lost dreams. She’s your PERSON.

Whether by blood or by bond, the women you consider sisters have a special place in your heart and deserve something extra sweet this holiday season. We’ve rounded up some top gift ideas—all for under $30!— that are sure to make her eyes light up, (and that will be perfect for you to borrow the next time you’re at her place!)

  1. A classic black handbag to match her savvy style: Jessica Simpson Handbag $29.99
  2. An eye defining makeup set along with the cutest printed case : elf makeup set $6.99 & cosmetics case $4.99
  3. The must-have item of the season, a bold blanket scarf: Scarf $16.99
  4. Luxury-in-a-basket spa slippers set to indulge in at home: Spa slipper set $16.99
  5. Cozy boot slippers perfect for holiday sister slumber parties: Slippers $9.99
  6. Her signature scent – or a new one she’s been dying to try: Burberry Brit $29.99
  7. A stylish yet comfortable open cardigan, (that you’ll immediately borrow): Cardigan $24.99
  8. Toast every occasion with cute coffee cups and sassy stemware: Wine glass $7.99, Coffee cup $5.99
  9. A pretty infinity bracelet to show her that your kind of friendship lasts a lifetime: Bracelet $7.99