Nowadays, having a cute theme to your photos is a survival mechanism to the beloved instagram. Although I do admit, I love to see all of the details one puts together to creat the perfect Instagram shot. Today, I’m going to show you how I created an insta worthy picnic in the park photoshoot on a budget.

  • Brainstorm ideas

The first thing I did to prepare for this shoot was brainstorm ideas and curate a vision. I knew that I wanted bright colors, and the frame to be filled with decor, food, drinks, and flowers. I also knew I wanted to somehow include my vintage esq bike.

  • Find a location I wanted something simple, beautiful, and that it had an intimate/secluded feel to it. I had envisioned a big field with tall grass at first. But then I found a park that had exactly what i was looking for.  It was secluded so it gave me chance to really prepare the details of the shoot, and it definitely made me more comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Find Props.

This part was very easy thanks to my friends at Gordmans. They had a huge selection of  decor that really made this shoot everything that I wanted. There I found outdoor printed pillows, milk crates to place my foods and drinks, a lemonade pitcher, adorable cups and more.  They also had a great selection of artificial flowers and fruits, so I got a few strands of lemons.

  • Creating your setup.

Having a cute setup has a lot to do with the placement of your items. Thinking about the foreground, background, and where the focal point should be on is key.

The first thing was placing my blanket. I chose to go with a beige/cream blanket to keep it neutral and let me props/outfits do the talking! I didn’t want to go with the traditional red picnic blanket. I wanted to create something unique! Then I placed my bike in the background and wrapped it with the strands of lemons. Then I added some throw pillows to soften things up and give more details with their patterns.

Now comes the food placement. I really wanted to add dynamic and depth to this picture. I wanted some plates with food to be placed on the ground but also elevate them on the crates to get that look. When placing the food I chose to select different patterns and colors of plates and bowls to really add a special detail. With these type of shoots the more detail the better. Just by pairing different textures and prints really grabs the attention of the looker. It makes it interesting! After all of the food and drinks were placed it’s time to add in some flowers. Flowers really do help add that pop of color and detail. I went to my local grocery store and picked up these flowers for less then $20 for all of them. There’s no order in which I put them; I just filled in the gaps!

  • Plan your outfit(s)

My vision for my outfits were simple, causal, feminine, and comfortable. I wanted to create a classic look, while playing on prints. I’m a sucker for stripes and polka dots!! I found three outfits that I really loved at Gordmans all less then $50.

My first outfit was a blue and white plaid printed knot dress. This dress was so comfortable and under $15. I love the detail of the print in contrast with my set up. I also really adore the knot trend. I thought this dress would be perfect date night look, and also just screams picnic season. I paired this dress with light brown slides to keep it simple and classic. For accessories I wore a sun hat, pink sunglasses. and pear finished earrings.

My second outfit is one of my favorites. I love love loveeeee rompers. I love this romper because of the deep v-neck. Its so feminine, and cute. Its a new staple in my wardrobe.  I love combining neutrals with blush pink so I found these earrings and shoes at gordmans to match this romper. I just love this outfit!

My last outfit was something very out of my comfort zone. Being a girl with bigger hips and a booty, I was always afraid to wear white jeans. Until recently I really learned to embrace my curves and I was surprised just how much I really loved this look. I paired the white jeans with a striped white and baby blue shirt. Like I said before I love a good  striped shirt and this one was so comfortable and also less the $15.  I paired this with the same pink flats and earrings form before.

For all of these looks, I used this adorable blush pink steve madden bag. Blush pink has really been my staple here lately. It goes with just about anything.

I want to thank Gordmans for letting me create such a fun photoshoot on a budget. They get new items every week so its a perfect place to get those trendy pieces that are super affordable!

Hanna is a paid blogger. You can find Hanna‘s original blog post at Hanna Schweiss Photography!