Crisp fall weather is ahead of us, and that conjures up images of sipping apple cider by a crackling outdoor fire-pit while talking and laughing with friends. Oh, and while wearing the most perfect autumn outfit ever. One that infuses the rich colors of the season with soft, luxurious fabrics, and that makes you feel comfortably relaxed even though you look totally put-together. The current Bohemian trend is right on track with all of these wardrobe wishes, incorporating great patterns, warm hues and just the right amount of flexibility to make it your own.

Enter the blanket scarf. A must-have accessory for the season that has a free-spirited bohemian flair and can be worn a multitude of ways. Belt it to help define your waist and give the illusion of a fitted cardigan. Drape it over your shoulders for big drama and ultimate comfort. Or toss it over one side for an elegant, on-the-go look.

Regardless of which style you choose to flaunt, what could possibly be wrong about an outfit item that includes the word BLANKET.