You take a girl with existing back problems and then give her a job that requires she stands on her feet for 12+ hours holding 15+ pounds of gear in her hands and even more in a backpack…what do you think you’re gonna get? More back pain! This was a problem long before wedding photography, but when injuring my back more became my full time job I knew it was time to get help! I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to correct my back and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that I finally found the magic recipe for my body. Everyone is different, but for me it looks like a good chiropractor + Reformer Pilates.

Spending time in leggings (working out in addition to the time I spend laying low at home?) has meant I’ve needed to up my activewear game. I’d rather spend my money on pilates sessions then clothes to wear during them, so I made a run to Gordmans last week. I haven’t ever been and I was blown away by their selection of activewear!

They buy excess merchandise from department stores and sell it at a lower price. I’ve shopped at stores like this before but have never seen prices this low! I was able to pick up several name brand pieces that I wouldn’t have splurged on otherwise. Head to toe I got a whole new outfit for $99 which is usually just the price of a new pair of tennis shoes. At original price it all would have been $183. Here is the breakdown!

Puma shoes: $39.99

Puma socks: $7.99

90 Degree Leggings: $12.99

Felx’n Sports Bra: $7.99

Madewell Whisper T: $4.99

Reflex Pullover Sweatshirt: $16.99

Nike Water Bottle: $7.99

Gordmans had a huge variety of brands and products so I loved that I was able to get everything all in one place. It made shopping quick, easy, and affordable.

In the past I’ve struggled to know what to do at the gym to help my back and usually I’ve made the problem worse. Reformer pilates is all done on a machine (called a reformer) that is designed to completely protect your back and whole body while lengthening and strengthening it. A year and a half ago I started working with Coleen and I wouldn’t hesitate to say it has been life changing. I can’t express how free I feel now that my body is able to handle day to day life and wedding days without any pain. Not only that, but it has taught me how to breath, how to hold my body, and how to work out on my own. Signing up for my first class was the best thing I’ve ever done!

Between finding a workout that I actually love, and my new go-to spot for athletic clothes, I am ready to dig into my workouts each week!

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