If you’ve ever been to a Gordmans store, you probably know we love fur babies. When we say we have thrilling finds at amazing prices for the family, that includes Fluffy and Fido!

We don’t just have a few random water bowls and dog sweaters. We’re talking an entire section full of feeders, food storage containers, pet beds, grooming items, treats, toys and even fancy dry shampoo. And, of course, you’ll pay way fewer “bones” for all of it than you would at a big pet store.

After sniffing out all of the great deals in our pet section, you can spoil your four-legged friends even more with these ideas for Love Your Pet Day.

pamper your pooch

  1. Take your pal to a doggie day spa. Pups may act like they don’t like being groomed, but when they catch their reflection after getting pampered, they’ll thank you.
  2. Give your dog a ride in the car. EVERY dog loves a good car ride, seeing the sights and feeling the wind in his hair. Even if it’s just around the block, your buddy will love you for it. But he’d probably love it even more if you stopped at a dog park.
  3. Make some doggie treats! With just a few ingredients that you probably already have, you can whip up some yummy bites your little buddy will love. You can find a TON of simple recipes on Pinterest.

cater to your kitty

  1. Pick up some catnip for your fuzz ball. Then put a little bit into a sock, tie it closed and let your kitty go nuts.
  2. Make a DIY cat scratching post. It’s easier than you think. Stop by your local hardware store and grab a 2×4. Ask someone at the store to cut it down to a good size for your cat, probably 2’ to 3’. While you’re there, pick up some rope or a small rug if you don’t have these at home. Wrap the rug or rope around the 2×4 and attach with heavy-duty glue. Once it’s secure, you can attach the 2×4 to a flat piece of wood or just lean it up against a wall for kitty to play with.
  3. Create the quickest, easiest feline hiding place EVER. Take a medium or large cardboard box and use a box cutter to carve out an opening large enough for your kitty in one of the solid sides. Drop a small blanket or cushion inside the box. Tape the box closed and put it on the floor where your cat can easily get in.

Let’s be honest – we spoil our pets every day. They’re just so dang cute! But this Love Your Pet Day, why not give your fur baby a little somethin’-somethin’ more? You know they’ll love you back for it.