Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means that you’re probably panicking a bit about getting the perfect gifts for the loves in your life. Panic no more. We’re here to show you how to cut through the red, pink and white tape with 3 easy steps to putting together thoughtful V-day gift baskets. Because whoever said one gift is better than five?

Find the GTL

No, not “gym, tan or laundry.” Your first step is to find the Gift They’ll Love. So to get started, make your list. It could be your husband and kids, or your besties, or your boyfriend, or your three boyfriends (hey, we don’t judge). Now head to Gordmans and pick out the perfect first item. This item will be the anchor you theme your basket around, or the item that ties everything together. Maybe a smartwatch for your fitness obsessed father, LOL Surprise hair accessories for your little girl, or that amazing scented candle for mom (the one you kind of wanted to keep for yourself)!

Bases are loaded

Now that you have chosen your anchor item and have a theme in mind, it’s time to choose a base. Selecting your base can be something as straightforward as a basket, or a container your cutie can repurpose later like a planter, kitchen utensil holder, or a mini graphic treasure trunk! Think of what they like to do for a hobby, like cooking, self-pampering, gardening, or home decorating to get started. If it can tie into your anchor item, all the better!

The thrill of the fill

Your last step is to gather filler products. Filler products are fun, small items to complement your main anchor item. They can either be related to your anchor item or to other pastimes your bestie likes. For example, for your always-up-for-a good-time friend, fill a small cooler with drink mixes and a bottle opener. Or if that same friend loves music, add some earbuds to the cooler.

You can hop on over to the department of choice, whether it be kids’, men’s, jewelry, accessories, fragrances, or home for everyone on your list. Each department at Gordmans is stocked with all of the goodies you will be looking for – just make sure you have space for all in your base! (It’s all about that base.)

Status update: queen of all hearts

And that’s it, stick a bow on it – you’re done! Gift baskets are super thoughtful and give those you reserve heart emojis for all kinds of fun stuff to go head over heels for. It also shows off just how well you know them and what they like – which means major friend points are headed your way. Need more inspiration? Check out all of the different baskets we put together stuffed with Gordmans goodies.