Sweatshirt: Gordmans | Luggage: Gordmans | Lukes Outfit: Gordmans

Throughout 2017, one of the most commonly asked questions I have received is about travel. If you’ve followed me the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that we love to travel – and adding sweet Luke to the family didn’t really change that for us. Luke is now 8 months old and he’s been on 32 (or more?) flights. We have a system down for packing & getting on and off the plane with the baby & stroller & carseat, etc. I will admit, the first couple of flights are intimidating & you almost dread the process – but once you get used to it, it becomes fairly ‘easy’. But – that is a whole other story – and blog post! Though, I have done two separate detailed posts on tips for traveling with a baby, I will update again soon since it does change as the baby gets older!

I would a say a huge chunk of the questions I receive regarding travel are about what to wear to be comfortable, yet cute while traveling as well as what travel accessories are necessary & are there are there any dupes or more affordable options for some of the travel gear we use. Well! I am so excited because I recently discovered a place that has a huge travel section with popular name brands & every type of accessory you can think of – and it is Gordmans.

To give you a little background, my family lives in Arkansas and there’s a Gordmans in the city where my sister lives [Rogers, AR]. Back in early November my mom was here in Tulsa helping with Luke one weekend and she had something cute on and I asked where she got it and she answered it was from Gordmans. Oddly enough, I got an email just a month after this conversation from Gordmans asking if I’d like to collaborate. I don’t do a majority of the collaborations that come my way & I’d never actually shopped at Gordmans so initially I was thinking it would not be a fit for me. I was telling my mom how funny it was to get their e-mail just weeks after her mentioning the store and she said “Emily! You need to stop by next time you visit your sister because I think you’d love it!”. Long story short, I was shooting a campaign in Arkansas soon after & decided to quickly pop into Gordmans on my way home. The second I walked in – I was in shock! I left with an overflowing cart actually. They are an off-price retailer & basically buy excess inventory from specialty stores & sell it at the most competitive pricing.

Before I start about travel gear, I wanted to quickly touch on what all I got while in the store just to give you an idea. [I will also add some videos to my Insta-story today so you can see some things I loved, but couldn’t bring home!!] So, they have a large section of women’s clothing – everything from shoes, coats, denim, sweaters, etc. But the sections I was most impressed with was the baby section, home interior section, & the mens section. They have something called Lowest Price Guarantee which is a price-matching program. They track their competitors and are adamant about having the lowest prices in the market so they allow you to bring in an ad, receipts, or website to show that another retailers has a lower price. Not only will they match the competitors’ price but they also give you a $5 Gordmans gift card. [Read more about the guarantee here.] I found my dad & John a few Nike things while I was there the first time. In fact, my dad has his Nike half zip pullover I got him on almost everytime I see him, lol! A lot of the Nike gear I bought  for them & for Luke is new – as in, new in department stores right now at full price, yet I got it at 50% off.

Just wanted to touch on all of that ^ in case you are not interested in travel! BUT, if you are interested in travel you are going to DIE when I tell you how much I scored this brand new DVF 24” spinner – it was $49! To give you a better idea, I have 4 pieces of DVF luggage already & I get asked about them ALL of the time. They have the old-fashioned trunk look, but it is better quality & has a chic look overall. I’ve seen this exact spinner marked down before but it was around $120 & I found it at Gordman’s for $49. As soon as I saw their travel section [& pricing], I was like “okay, I have to do a post – people will love this!”.  The travel section is large & has all different sizes of suitcases, carry-ons, etc. You can find brand name pieces as well as super affordable, basic pieces. There is a section devoted to travel accessories as well like neck pillows, super cute passport covers, little bags for organization, duffles, cord holders, etc. I could go on & one but I’m trying to keep this short, lol! Basically, if you are planning any special trips for 2018 & you are on the hunt for really functional, but cute luggage at affordable prices, definitely swing by Gordmans. It is a large store but I promise you’ll be shocked at some of things you find & at the price points as well.

In the above photos the sweatshirt I am wearing & Luke’s full outfit are all from Gordmans. My older brother is a high school basketball coach & loves Nike so we put Luke in this Nike outfit yesterday to take him to watch my brothers team play. My brother was carrying Luke around and showing him to everyone, it was really cute.


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