Keep your New Year’s Resolution with our storage solutions

It’s a new year, so that means a new you, right? (Well, maybe not when it comes to your slight addiction to bargain finding.) But, hey, not to worry! We are here to help you organize those amazing deals you scored in some majorly creative ways.

Master that denim disaster
If your denim drawer is bursting at the seams and it has become too difficult to tell your skinnies from your mom jeans without ending up in a mountain of denim, grab a basket (we like this metal geometric version from our home department), roll up each of your favorite pairs of jeans, strategically arrange them in the basket and, voila! Your jeans are now organized, easy to find and a work of art. It’s in-jeanious, really. 😉 If a metal basket isn’t your desired décor, opt for wicker or fabric. Whatever your style may be, Gordmans has a ton of options. And if you don’t have enough jeans to make a proper bouquet, don’t get blue, Gordmans has a huge selection of those, too!

Tidy up otto-magically
Lots of furniture pieces today are getting pretty stealthy with hideaway storage features, and one of our favorites is the ottoman. This living room staple looks chic and complements your couch and lounge chairs so well…if only the kids’ toys all over the floor looked as chic. Here’s an idea! Instead of filling that incredibly stylish ottoman (you nabbed at Gordmans for way less than you had ever expected) with blankets, fill it with the toys. Cleanup is a breeze, toys are still within reach for the kids, and you can easily turn their impressive mess into a room that’s meant to impress in minutes.

Get the kitchen counter under control
Small-ish kitchen with a large counter clutter issue? Maximize valuable counter space with a 3-tirered basket tower that you wouldn’t have thought to use in the kitchen. Easily store snacks, napkins, morning travel mugs and fresh fruits for a quick grab-and-go station, or create a miniature pantry! Gordmans has a variety of super cool and super affordable options from wire to woven storage to match your style.

When it comes to organizing, think outside of the box – the traditional storage box that is! Gordmans has all you need to get started on any room of the house with deals for days. No need to stop racking up the bargains, because you’re starting off 2020 as a savvy storage stylista!