Ok, ok… I admit it. I’m not the most organized person. I mean, I’m basically the equivalent of a tornado when I walk into a room. I envy my friends that have it all together, and know how to organize their belongings. I blame it on lack of appropriate space in our small home (which is partly true), but I also just really lack organizational skills. Every few months I get the itch to get my ish together though, and this past weekend I decided enough was enough; it was time to dive deep into my closets and drawers and get organized. Luckily, I had a little help from Gordmans.


I started with my closet and decided to arrange my clothes by style and color. An obviously easy task, but somehow gets disorganized through the course of try-on sessions. 😉

I would love to be able to pack away all my winter gear, but the weather is so unpredictable here until about June, that I have to deal with having both seasons in my closet for a few more months.

I picked up these super cute and stylish hangers from Gordmans. I have been meaning to trade out my hangers for a while because poor hangers drive me nuts, so I was happy to be able to pick up a few sets of these at a great price!


Last on my spring cleaning and organizing list was getting my makeup drawer in order. Every single morning I dig through my makeup drawer to find a select few products that I use daily. When I came across this organizer at Gordmans I knew it was the answer to my daily problem. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and stress I’m going to save by having the products I actually use daily, displayed and easy to find!


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