We’ve already revealed some of the summer’s hot trends, like Summer Safari and Americana, but to cover all of them, we need to rewind – retro rewind, that is!

Here’s the 4-1-1. This summer and heading into back to school, everything 90s is new again. Trends like neon, bright plaids, crop tops and tie-dye are all that and a bag of chips.

You glow, girl

You thought neon was gone forever? As if! From crop tops and bike shorts to windbreakers, the trend that got its start in the 80s with the Material Girl is back in a big way. But it can be tricky to pull off the look without making a serious fashion faux pas. You def don’t want to look like a highlighter. So here are some styling tips from our experts:

  • Don’t go crazy! Reserve that for Prince. Head-to-toe neon is a no-go. In an effort to not blind people, limit yourself to one piece in a solid neon color (like a crop top) and wear it with a neutral, like black jeans or a denim jacket. The contrast will help the neon pop without going overboard.
  • Just add a touch of neon with accessories. Sport a neon bangle or lightweight scarf with a black outfit or pop a pair of neon socks with a cute denim skirt. You can even paint your nails in different neon hues.

Fit to be tie-dyed

Tie-dye has had several lives. It was born in the 60s, reborn in the 90s and is being resurrected this summer. Keep an eye out for tie-dye, dip-dye and ombre tees, crop tops and more. While tie-dye always adds some edge, there is the risk of looking like you just stepped out of Woodstock. Here are some ways to avoid that:

  • Since tie-dye is already hippy-ish, pairing a tie-dye top with bell bottoms or destructed denim may be pushing it a bit far into the 60s. To make it modern and grown up, choose a pair of pixie pants and simple flats. For warmer weather, crisp white is always a winner.
  • Limit yourself to one tie-dye piece. Want to rock a pair of tie-dye tennies? Cool. Just don’t wear them with tie-dye shorts. Unless, of course, you want to send everyone on a psychedelic trip.

Get punk’d

Will the punk trend ever die? No! And it shouldn’t. Because it embodies a sense of freedom and rebellion that all of us need sometimes. It’s rebel with the cause of rocking every outfit. Starting in late summer and definitely starring in back to school, look for bright plaids, urban-inspired tees, more crop tops and moto checks. Think Gwen Stefani circa 1995. But we can’t all pull it off like Gwen did (and, let’s face it, still can). So keep these tips in mind, punk:

  • Plaid pants? YAS! But they should be form-fitting or you’ll look more 1970s Brady Bunch than 1990s Gwen. The younger among us can get away with a solid crop top, but for the more mature, pairing the pants with a sassy graphic tee or even a pretty lace top will work. And, yes, it is punk to wear lace – if you wear it right. It’s all about the juxtaposition of soft and hard.
  • Being a rebel means not being afraid to take chances. So wearing plaid with stripes is a totally acceptable punk thing to do. You can also try floral with plaid, if you really want to challenge the system.

Let’s go back in time for back to school and late summer with totally tubular 90s trends. You can get them all at Gordmans at throwback prices!