The term “home office” has never been more relevant than now. Our home and everything in it has become our world. How we communicate, interact, work, and basically exist has literally changed overnight.

BUT hang on just a sec — we don’t have to live and work in total isolation, as there’s a silver lining — our pets! Listen, when it comes to the office, there’s nothing sweeter than having a co-worker who’s super supportive, never judges (at least not that we know of!) and lets you know how amazing you are. These days, that co-worker is your BFF (Best Furry Forever), dutifully by your side. They listen, keep us on schedule and laugh at our jokes. It’s a win-win for everyone. In times like this, one might argue that pets are just as crucial to your well-being as TP and hand sanitizer.

Open-admission shelters and smaller nonprofit groups report that pet adoptions and pet fostering have increased and are continuing to trend up. With schools and offices closed during this time of isolation, our furry loved ones not only help stave off loneliness and decrease stress, but open our hearts to something bigger than ourselves — saving a life while we save our own. Plus, we can still walk our dogs while sheltering in place. Take that, COVID-19! 

If you’re interested in adoption or fostering an animal, or even contributing time or resources, here is one place to possibly start:

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Note: Gordmans is not affiliated with the organization listed above. Please visit their website for details.