I think that everyone has their favorite splurges and weird quirks about spending money. I have quite a few of these splurges that as I’ve become more of an adult, I’m realizing I have to a) narrow them down b) figure out where I am going to save in order to be able to afford my life. One of the ways weird areas that I refuse to spend a ton of money? Home decor!

Perhaps it’s because my mom owns a home decor store so I know how much everything really costs stores, or because I grew up going to places like Gordmans with my mom and grandma. (Legitimately a true story, I even bought my first multi-colored totally 90’s lamp there! Who else had one of these?) Either way, you’d be hard-pressed to find any item in the living room that is more than $20 each. Even the “gallery” wall was cheap because I did the art myself in photoshop and bought the frames in a value pack.

I think that being stingy on decor also makes you be much more creative and focused on creating the space you want to have. Instead of just buying stuff and making it work, I’m very intentional about where I want something to go.

You probably recognize a lot of this decor from other posts I’ve done about decorating on a budget. I’m selective about what I buy and as a result, I hang onto it! I love changing things up every season with the same items. When my photographer arrived for this post, she walked in and said, “Did you do something different to the house?” All I had done was just re-arranging items I already owned.

Home decor I look for at Gordmans

Coffee table books
Geometric Orbs
Small Mirrors

Bonus item: Headphones! I lose these constantly and I refuse to spent more than $10 on these suckers! I always have an extra pair in my travel bag because there are few things worse than spending $25 on $5 headphones in the airport.

My Affordable Seasonal Decor Updates

Seasonally I like to change things up, but I don’t have a ton of space to store excess items. My emphasis is always to just make small updates that I can have fun with. For this spring and summer, I’ve been incorporating a lot of fresh flowers and stems like silver dollar eucalyptus to make the house smell amazing and easy to take care of. It makes a huge impact for $10-$15 and who doesn’t smile when they walk into a room with flowers? Monsters. That’s who.

I constantly change out my books as well. It’s a subtle difference, but when you have guests over it’s nice to have new material for them to look at. Or ignore. But it makes me feel better like they somehow know. Okay a lot of this is for me. And that’s fine! Your decor should make you happy.

I also am always changing up my bar. Partially because I have never found a real display I love. I never really have enough of a “full” bar, it’s mostly glasses and champagne. Okay, that actually sounds not as bad as I need it to. If you need to celebrate, I’m your girl.

So what about you? What is the one area you won’t spend money on? OR what is your FAVORITE area TO spend money on?

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