When your meal tastes a little meh, what do you do? You add some spice (ketchup on eggs doesn’t count…who ARE these people?). The same goes for your wardrobe — you gotta kick it up a notch with some zest, some seasoning, some COLOR! That’s where the spice tone trend comes in. This look is hot. Think jalapeños stuffed with cayenne pepper, soaked in Sriracha chili sauce. I mean, we’re talking scorched earth level hot. And as much as we love purple here at Gordmans, this summer we’re crazy about these spice tone colors!

Hue Are So Spicy

So, what exactly is a “spice tone”, and what are some examples of these bold colors? Spice tones are derived from an exotic, lush color palette — take a peek at your spice rack for more perspective. Tops on the list is turmeric, the not-so-mellow yellow. Turmeric is super versatile, and can easily replace the neutral beiges and whites in your closet. More faves? Gingery-reds, earthy browns, leafy greens, saffron oranges…ugh, this is getting cheesy. Just check out the looks below, all available at Gordmans!

Homey Spice

No, that’s not one of the Spice Girls (we were dying to get a reference in here somehow). These colors are perfect for your home, but you’ll probs take TONS OF NAPS because they’re naturally very cozy and inviting. Add accent pillows and artsy dècor to create that global-inspired vibe. There are tons of possibilities, just waiting for you to mix them up in your own unique way. Check out some of these super cool pieces, at super cool prices!

Make it Your Own

Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to get your spice on. Stir these delicious fashion flavors into your style routine, and brighten the rest of your summer (sorry, we’re getting cheesy again)!