The big Hollywood awards are this weekend, but it’s not too late to throw together an epic, award-winning party for your entire crew. We’ve got all of the ideas you need right here – just consider us your supporting cast. Trust us, the award for best watch party will go to YOU.

swankiest shindig
If you want to be awarded the gold statue for bringin’ on the swank, you’ll need to start by dressing the part – and dressing up your digs.

A watch party is the perfect excuse to get dolled up and look fierce. While your favorite celebrities are on the red carpet telling the world what famous designer they’re wearing, you can tell your friends and fans what you’re wearing – like an outfit by designers like Steve Madden or Kenneth Cole that you got from Gordmans (while you awarded yourself Best Bargain Finder Ever). Or put together a red carpet-ready look with an amazing sequined tank for 14.99 that can be coupled with a pencil skirt or wide-legged pants and heels. Don’t forget to complete your look with glitzy jewelry.

Turning your home into a posh Hollywood-style party is easy, too! Glam it up with all things gold and glittery, like throw pillows, candles, small décor items and cocktail glasses from your local Gordmans. You can even find cocktail shakers, mixers, napkins and serving trays! Everything to make your home look like a million dollars for just a few bucks.

Here are a few more ideas to throw a must-go watch party for every A-lister:

  • Blow up some black and gold balloons and tie them with gold ribbon. Scatter them around the room and attach some at your entryway to greet guests.
  • Cut stars out of glittery gold paper and make a garland with them or just tape them to the walls. Write your guests’ names on them.  
  • Find a red carpet runner from a party store and lay it out from your front door into your living room. Tack it down with double-sided tape. Then make your guests feel like stars by letting them pose for pics.
  • Use plastic top hats for popcorn bowls.
  • Make a charcuterie tray with cheese cut out into star shapes.
  • Serve cotton candy pink champagne – simply top glasses of bubbly with tufts of pink cotton candy.
  • Create a photo backdrop with strands of gold garland attached to the ceiling or taped to a wall.
  • Make party swag bags for your guests with gold-wrapped candies, gold and silver nail polish and other glitzy goodies.

best laid-back bash
If swank isn’t your speed, you can still be nominated for Best Time Had While Chilling. Make the dress code “Comfy Chic – PJs Encouraged,” and throw on an outfit that will surely win Best Ensemble at any watch party. Like a Sherpa sweatshirt and floral leggings for less than $25 total at Gordmans! Might as well grab some unicorn slippers or fuzzy socks while you’re at it.

Accept the award for Best Couch Surfing by decking out your living room with dozens of throw pillows and soft, fuzzy blankets (also at Gordmans).

Here are some other ideas to make your laid-back bash a party to remember:

  • Put together a snack bar with different flavors of popcorn, movie theater candies and other goodies.
  • Give away awards to your guests, like Closest Celebrity Look-alike, Most Likely to Fall Asleep and Best Snacker.
  • Lay out the red carpet for this party, too – just take pics of your guests in their PJs like they’re posing for the paparazzi!
  • Make ballots with the award categories and nominees and have your guests fill them out with their guesses before the awards begin (or during the painfully long starting monologue). Have a prize ready for whoever guesses the most winners correctly.

That’s a wrap on our Hollywood watch party ideas. Get ready to thank your friends and family for their support in throwing the best…bash…ever!