These days seem to come and go quickly. My planner is usually filled with appointments and shoots. When I take days off I often feel guilty. I have always had this mentality that if you work as hard as you can now, and rest later. As much as I agree with this mindset, theres also a time and a need for rest.

I love what I do. 100% But I would be lying if I don’t get overwhelmed at some points. I think everyone needs to take some time to step away, rest, and live in the moment. I often find myself on this routine of scheduling as much as I can in a week. Making sure I am challenging the week previously. Im very thankful for having the full schedule and being as busy as I am, however i’ve learned that overworking does have some negative effects.

Recently I went on a press trip with a blogger and friend to Four seasons Nevis. I didnt realize how good this trip was going to be for mind. For the first time in months, my days weren’t jammed packed from early morning till the evening. I was able to wake up, take in the morning sun, listen to the ocean, and simply breathe. It felt so good to just sit and breathe… It gave me time to think about my life. Think about where my business is heading, but even more, just think about me and my loved ones.

After a few days I noticed how different I was feeling. My mind didn’t feel cloudy. I was energized and so excited to create. Im sure its do to Chicagos gloomy, cold weather, but I was definitely in a slump before this trip. I was feeling so uninspired and just tired. Seasonal depression is a real thing. Its crazy how much the sun can completely change the way you feel.

Ive heard this statement many times, “Live the life that you don’t need to escape from.” I don’t think traveling has to be about escaping anything. Maybe it can be a way to find yourself again. Stepping away from your busy life and going somewhere with a change of pace, can really make a difference. Now after being back for about a week, I feel sooo much better. I am excited about getting back into my work. I also know that I need to have limitations. I can’t be an on call service for everyone. I need to set boundaries so that I can take some time for myself. I will keep working hard, but I will also take time to rest. I am so excited for the next few months. I have some exciting projects coming up and I cannot wait to share.

If you’re feeling a little out of it, maybe take a weekend. Go somewhere warm. Get some sun. and breathe. Life isn’t easy, but its all about how we manage it.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite travel accessories I picked up from my local Gordmans.

I am kind of obsessed with my suit case right now. It is definitely huge, but when I travel I often pack a lot of equipment and of course you need clothes for every occasion. right? And what about souvenirs… I am very detail oriented so I love the touch of vintage it has to it. Even better it was under $60!!

I also love to be organized. This travel bag helps me keep all of my makeup, jewelry and bathroom essentials in one place! It makes things a little less stressful and easy to just put back in your suit case. It also makes unpacking hassle free as everything is in one location!

If you have ever been to gordmans, you know they literally have everything. Whether it is home decor, clothing, accessories, etc, they have it all. That is why when I know I am going on vacation, I make a quick stop there before I go anywhere else. They are so affordable and have great quality items! I was able to get these adorable sandals (originally over $40 and on sale for $5), earrings, Steve Madden sunglasses, headbands and more all under $25.

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