If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, you know I hosted several parties last weekend. One of the things that I haven’t really shared has been my interest and growing love of hosting events. Perhaps it’s because I finally feel like “ME” and I have my own space, but I finally feel comfortable enough to entertain. One of the more embarrassing things about hosting is when things just aren’t quite…. matchy. For lack of a better word. You can see how my bar started out looking HERE and HERE.

You know what I mean though. There’s few things that make me cringe in the inside when you don’t quite have enough of the right glassware, seating or other little things that don’t show up until your guests arrive. For me, I made do with what I could, getting clearance “barware” that was plastic and affordable. Sure, it was great to serve milk in to my five-year old nephew, but not my best friends.

However, have you seen the stupid prices of a GLASS TO DRINK SOMETHING IN? You put a stem on a glass and boom, $3 more EACH! As you can see, I have some feelings about this topic. Basically if I want to serve a dinner party or small group something to drink I would have to spend $50 just to seem like an adult. That my friends is ridiculous.

In order to update my bar area, I went to Gordman’s and decided to mix and match my new adult glassware. I knew I wanted to buy some classic items, but I wanted to have gold touches for some warmth. Then I saw these glasses and I instantly knew I wanted to go all-in. I bought stemless wine glasses, scotch glasses, pretty little cups for anything, flutes and other glasses all in one trip. My cart was ridiculously full to the point of I kind of wondered if I looked like I was a raging alcoholic. (Raging alcoholic with fine taste in glasses, mind you.)

I also have been trying to craft a signature cocktail for when I have people over. A Moscow Mule is my absolute go-to drink when I am out. I especially love it when there’s a spicy ginger beer. Even better, you can customize a Moscow Mule for any season. In the summer I always want fresh fruit muddled and in the fall, spice it up with spiced apple cider. Also, there’s about six other famous “Mules” that are totally worth try. My second favorite is a Kentucky Mule which has bourbon instead of vodka. It’s my favorite way to make it seasonal without having to worry about having everything on hand.

You can see now why I’ve been expanding my mule cup collection. Also, a really great gift idea is to buy a tin cup (and one for yourself!) and put a drink mix in to as a super easy, last-minute gift. We’re approaching holiday madness season and last-minute hostess or small gifts are always needed! I got my cups at Gordman’s and they were super affordable compared to the overpriced cups at other stores.

I can’t wait to show you photos of the party I hosted that kicked off my weekend! It’s one of my favorite personal projects I’ve done that incorporated every aspect of creativity I have and totally made me feel like an adult, with matching glasses.

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